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Which load board is better for truck dispatchers and brokers

A huge number of different products are produced in the world. But that’s only half the battle. Products still need to be delivered to the consumer. To achieve this goal, various methods of delivery have been created:

  1. Air.
  2. Sea and river routes.
  3. Railways.
  4. Trucks.

Most of the goods are accumulated in warehouses. The main means of delivery of goods from the places of their accumulation to the consumer is road transport.

To accelerate the solution of the tasks of cargo delivery to consumers, special sites have been created. They are called cargo boards. These sites gather people on whom the further promotion of goods depends. They are:

Which load board is better for truck dispatchers and brokers

Loading boards are the perfect tool designed to efficiently move cargo across the country. Today we will talk about the main cargo boards, thanks to which the consumer receives goods on time and in complete safety.

How the site works

At its core, the download board is an online marketplace where paid subscribers who advertise their goods there have gathered. On this site, announcements are made about the presence of empty or incompletely filled trucks. In the platform freight brokers join operators, drivers, shippers, as intermediaries.

Let’s see how these people interact on this platform. Suppose the owner of the truck James is currently in the city of N. He needs to fill out his transport and go to the town B. He places an announcement about this on the site. Broker Robert has a cargo exactly in the direction where James is going. The broker contacts the driver. Through negotiations, they will reach an agreement and the goods will be delivered.

The best online platforms

The freight market in the United States of America is huge. There are lots of large and small online sites in the internet. We will focus on the most popular to date.


This the first and the largest platform. The service has great capabilities due to the fact that it has three download boards. Each has its own characteristics:

  1. DAT Express serves developing companies.
  2. DAT Power operates in real time. The platform’s payment guarantee reaches up to $1,000 per trawl.
  3. DAT TruckersEdge is designed for cargo transportation by small operators.

This site has merged with the well-known board called GetLoaded. Now they load about 480 thousand trucks in one working day. The database has more than 1.3 million cars.


Which load board is better for truck dispatchers and brokers

This platform is also called Internet TruckStop. The peculiarity of the service is that it was the first Internet resource in the field of cargo transportation. Having started its activity in 1995, the site now cooperates with 200,000 customers.


Submit only: This service has up to 45 million downloads per year. The services of the site are used by 325,000 subscribers. The platform provides information about brokers and shippers.

Since 1997, direct services have been operating. They are already used by thousands of companies. The platform cooperates with the software provider. This makes the work much more efficient. Trucks and cargo on the platform can be placed free of charge. On a paid basis, users get access to several functions:

There is no shortage of online loading boards. They are easy to find on the Internet. But if you want to find the most suitable resource, you will have to tinker in the network. During the search, you need to pay attention to the number of functions: payment terms, the number of subscribers, user reviews.


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