Supporting safety and security in the industry

The trucking industry is regulated for a reason. Truck drivers have a right to safety and peace of mind along the way. Customers have the right to be assured that their drivers and couriers are providing quality service. Other road users have the right to drive without fear of encountering threats and hazards in their path.

If customers make low-priced offers to drivers, and the truck drivers themselves lower the price by providing substandard services, everyone is at risk. When we negotiate rates for drivers, we make sure everyone involved gets a fair deal and is protected.

Stay competitive in your field with the right truck driver pay rate

Logistics is a competitive field. There are many drivers and service providers in the industry, each competing for their share of a small market. That’s why it’s important that your business is competitive – that your business provides rates that reflect the needs and demand of the market.

That doesn’t mean you have to cut your profits. Nor does it mean offering the cheapest rates – we’ll talk about that below. Rather, it means providing excellent service at competitive rates that allow you to increase your market share while being fairly and fully compensated for what you offer.

Build your reputation and personality as a driver

Your customers don’t just want the cheapest option. They want to know they are working with a driver and service provider they can rely on. They need to know they can count on you to deliver their cargo properly, safely, on time and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Let that high level of quality be part of your reputation. Include this component in your rate negotiations so that your customers understand the price you are offering. As your reputation grows over time, these rate negotiation services will become even more important, scaling with your business.

Expand your service offerings with consulting rates

At first glance, discussing trucking rates may seem relatively simple. You have a truck and calculate an average rate per mile for you, as a truck driver, or perhaps an hourly rate. You also have the type of cargo being transported and any other questions or considerations that might arise. These elements can be factored into the negotiations.

But trucking and logistics aren’t everything. Customers need your expert opinion on shipping and other aspects of logistics, and they may need your advice. Agreeing on consulting rates can be an additional source of revenue for your business, as well as raise your profile in the industry.

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