Negotiating with clients

No one likes to bargain. But sometimes it’s necessary so that owner-operators of power only  trucks can get better rates for trucking. Better rates mean more money in the drivers’ wallets and a boost to their bottom line. Our team keeps a close eye on spot rates and has a great understanding of the freight-to-truck ratio, and applies that knowledge in negotiating the best load rates for drivers. We’re willing to go the extra mile to reach a deal on freight that requires power only trucking services. 

Power Only Trucking Billing Assistance

One of the most onerous tasks, compared to finding freight on your own, is billing for your services. Owner-operators won’t face the problem of billing when they work with Truck Dispatcher Service to service their shipments with electricity only. Our goal is to make your job as easy as possible by providing owner-operator and shipper matching services, and helping to bill you after your shipments are delivered.

Organization of documentation and paperwork

No one likes to deal with paperwork or the endless amount of paperwork that is required to successfully complete a trucking operation. Whether you’re a shipper or owner-operator, Truck Dispatcher Service can help you handle this frustrating paperwork. From fuel receipts and delay payments to shipper receipts and credit checks for brokers and shippers, we handle all the paperwork so you can focus your attention on the essential tasks at hand.

Power Only Trucking with Truck Dispatcher Service

Truck Dispatcher Service offer high quality dispatch services for truck owners, truck drivers, small and medium sized trucking companies with their own fleet. Our main goal is to provide quality dispatch services so that drivers and companies have the opportunity to save time and money on trucking . Contact our team to evaluate your requirements right now.