Focus on doing business right

You enjoy driving, and you love serving your customers no matter where they are. However, you may not like registering the activities of your drivers or keeping a close eye on every item of regulatory requirements to make sure they are met.

That’s why DOT compliance services are so useful for truck drivers and owner-operators. With these services, drivers can focus on what they do best – driving and achieving more than customers expect.

How the Truck Dispatcher Service ensures regulatory compliance

With years of industry expertise and experience, we at Truck Dispatcher Service stay on top of any changes in the DOT/FMCSA regulatory matrix. We constantly monitor all changes so that our clients don’t have to – at the end of the day, all they do is drive and make money, and we’re here to help them do just that. In addition to our comprehensive freight dispatch services, we also help owners/operators and motor carriers:

Compiling and maintaining driver qualification files – Compiling and maintaining driver qualification files takes up time and effort that you could be spending on hauling freight and making money.  The Truck Dispatcher Service is happy to handle the collection and preparation of all driver qualification files and data, so you can decide who to hire and who to rate with peace of mind. With our electronic file management system, you can easily and reliably keep track of your drivers’ qualifications.

ELD Log Management – The Truck Dispatcher Service has an advanced reminder system that allows us to make sure that monitoring, evaluation, and reporting are on point. We also record any violations by drivers and check for any signs of falsified logs. In this way you not only comply with legal requirements, but also take the necessary corrective action in time to put a stop to any non-compliant behavior.

Audit Assistance – The Truck Dispatcher Service can provide you with support and assistance as you prepare for upcoming audits and inspections. We can make appropriate assessments and prepare you for any type of audit – safety, mileage, IRP, IFTA, and anything else FMCSA/DOT wants to arrange for you. We also help you prepare a CAP letter or post-audit response.

Advisory Services – The Truck Dispatcher Service keeps up to date on all DOT/FMCSA regulatory changes and can familiarize you with all the rules and requirements.

What you get with the Truck Dispatcher Service’s compliance solutions

Our sole purpose at the Truck Dispatcher Service is to help truck drivers and carriers make more money, mostly by saving them time. Instead of getting bogged down with paperwork, compliance monitoring and reporting, our customers can have the peace of mind to do what they do best: deliver freight and make money. We also give customers peace of mind, knowing that with our extensive experience and expertise, we can help you avoid regulatory violations and ensure compliance with all industry rules and requirements. Contact us today and start complying with safety requirements, freeing yourself up to make big profits.