Professional Dispatch Services

Professional Dispatch Services

The role of a truck dispatch service is essentially to manage freight on behalf of owner-operators or carriers. A dispatcher’s job involves locating loads, connecting with brokers, conducting negotiations, and eventually dispatching drivers and setting up their routes.

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Dispatch Services
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The Truck Dispatch Services company has experience in various fields of the trucking sphere. We can help you to start and run your business by giving online consultations. It is possible to arrange a meeting with our chief executive Michael King.

Our dispatchers are experienced workers and know how to search loads for each type of a truck. They will never leave you alone with a problem. Let's make hot rates together. Client Managers answer not only our clients' questions, but they call you to get to know whether you are satisfied with our service. Your success is our target. Our creative department is busy creating actual free videos on our YouTube channel. Join our Truck Dispatcher Training family.

Dispatch Services
Dispatching truck drivers since 2013.

We provided our dispatching service, owned our own trucks, and started training a new generation of professional dispatchers.

High quality service only.

Every employee knows their rights and duties. We set a fair working process and keep a business-friendly atmosphere. Our dispatchers will always protect your interests and are taught how to get compensation from brokers.

Money transactions available.

Our company's mission is to show that fair business is a rule but not an exception. Our clients get access to all information we own. We will send you a Rate Confirmation, e-mails, and a setup package.

Our partners - your partners.

We are proud to have partnerships with lots of big companies. We work hard and establish long-term cooperation with brokers and agents. Working with us means working with reliable and successful people.

Effective working hours.

Our team is very good at scheduling. Every department in our company follows certain time tables. This makes it possible to complete daily tasks, plan new things to-do, and keep in touch with you during our working hours.

You say - we do.

Tell us about your desirable working targets, and we'll analyze the Market, take into account specific information about you and your truck, use our partnership connections to achieve a result.

Use the best tools.

We give recommendations about Equipment and Load Boards. They are based on our experience, so we can show you all the opportunities you couldn't even imagine that they are available.

After hours
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Always chat with the drivers, control everything, answer phone calls and messages even at night, inform about any changes or delays and assist the drivers.

Dispatch Services
GPS Monitoring and control

We keep the hand on pulse all the way even during the night time, the afterhours team is checking if the driver is not being late for his appointments and taking care of waking them up.

Receiving After Hours phone calls

You will never get in the situation when a broker's or driver's call was missed for whatever reason.

Email Monitoring

Most of the time, the brokers are asking for the updates via emails, our team is never missing them and answering every email that pops up in the Inbox.

Driver Assist and Care

Our Afterhours Team is well trained to help the drivers in all possible cases and circumstances. It can be a simple case as the PO# number provided from the broker or a broke down truck and we should search for a shop to get it repaired.

Broker Updates

Truck Dispatch Services Afterhours Team will always inform the brokers via phone and email about the driver's location, any occurred delays, truck break down.

A good result always depends on analysis, wise decisions, and a bit of luck. Don't rely on a fortune to come on your side and start choosing the best options. The Truck Dispatcher Training is a promising company that has established reliable and long term relationships with partners. Our experienced dispatchers provide the best dispatch service for owner operators. We can proudly say that it is the best due to the average rate price we get for our colleagues. You can be sure to get support, and we're interested in achieving your own targets. Dispatch for owner operators who make money!

Let us assure you with facts and numbers.

Result Average Gross per truck on more then 100 active trucks

Stats based on
May 2021
June 2021
July 2021
August 2021
Our Result
Our Result
Our Result
Our Result
Our services
Making setups with brokers
Optimal route planning
Making credit checks
Dispatching of the drivers
Booking best paying loads
Helping with directions and on site
Negotiating rate with brokers
Getting TONU or detention
Signing rate confirmations
Ordering insurance certificates
Looking for partial to fill up free space
Help with ordering OD permits
Closed Cycle Routes
Route dry van
Route dry van
Pick Up – Delivery Location: string (11) «TX-NM-CA-CO»
Total Miles: 2782
Total Gross: $11,000
Weight: 38 500 Ibs
$/mile: 2.57
Commodity: Machine Tool Goods
Supplementary Req: None
Route dry van
Route dry van
Pick Up – Delivery Location: string(14) "NV-NM-TX-NY-TX"
Total Miles: 3719
Total Gross: $9,890
Weight: 28600 lbs
$/mile: 2.13
Commodity: Food Products
Supplementary Req: None
Route dry van
Route dry van
Pick Up – Delivery Location: string(17) "SC-NY-IL-GA-AR-NJ"
Total Miles: 4668
Total Gross: $10,450
Weight: 38300 lbs
$/mile: 2.18
Commodity: Textiles
Supplementary Req: None
Route dry van
Route dry van
Pick Up – Delivery Location: string(14) "PA-MI-OH-UT-OH"
Total Miles: 4799
Total Gross: $10,856
Weight: 32200 lbs
$/mile: 2.09
Commodity: Electronics
Supplementary Req: None
Route dry van
Route Reefer
Pick Up – Delivery Location: string(17) "OH-NY-PA-NC-AL-NY"
Total Miles: 3204
Total Gross: $12,500
Weight: 25200 lbs
$/mile: 2.84
Commodity: Chilled and Dry Produce
Supplementary Req: None
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What type of Services do you provide?
We provide most of the services that a Logistics Motor Carrier would need. This includes: Dispatch, Accounting, Operations Manager, Safety, Log book, IFTA, Reports,Support.
What is the fee that your company charges for the service?
The price depends on the more detailed information.
What is the type of trucks you are doing dispatch for?
We are dispatching SEMI trucks only for all type of trailers including Power Only.
What is the average per mile that you can guarantee?
You can visit our website, we are posting the results weekly, monthly, yearly.
Do you have your own broker MC?
Yes, we do, we are working as a broker and have broker contacts in order to provide the best rates for our customers.
Our Company
When was you company founded?
Truck Dispatch Services was founded in April 2013.
Are you from the United States?
We are an outsource Company with the main office based in Pennsylvania.
What offers do you have for new companies?
We offer Support 24/7/365 and best service with 5% only
What kind of support do you provide for the drivers?
Dispatching, documentation, compensations from Brokers
We teach how to dispatch your own loads
Dry van dispatcher training
Flatbed Dispatcher training
Freight Forwarder training
Step-deck dispatcher training
Car holler dispatcher training
Conestoga dispatcher training
Intermodal dispatcher training
Seaport dispatcher training
Port Freight Dispatcher training
See our team's experience
Our company accumulated experience and knowledge for more than 6 years, has a lot of solved problems and knowledge. Now we want to share all this skills with you.
See our team's experience
See our team's experience
See our team's experience
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