Training dispatchers in the USA. Truck dispatcher training
Truck dispatchers training


Learn the secrets of the trucking industry that no one dispatcher or trucker in America can`t tell you.
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Truck dispatchers training


Learn at any time convenient for you. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, you get the opportunity to take lessons on any device.
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Truck dispatchers training


At the end of the course, take our specially designed testing and get a certificate confirming the successful completion of training.
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Why is this the best training in the USA?

Welcome to Truck Dispatcher Training!

This is a unique logistics course that will provide you with all the necessary tools and cases for understanding clearly how to conduct a full-fledged business in the USA.

To do this, you do not need to have any experience, because we will provide you with all the necessary information in our freight and dispatch business training program.

You will also get a full-fledged business organization scheme, which has helped many of the businesses we have started to earn high profits.

This course will give you the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of income. After the training, you will receive a certificate that shows you have completed the course and are ready for work.

Within just one month after completing the course, you can easily establish yourself in the transport business.

In addition, you will receive a manual with all the secrets and chips of the control room.

Why you need Truck Dispatcher Training?

Full course You will get access for all lessons and support with personal mentor

10Themed Modules


  • 🌟Weekly live Stream (How Dispatches do his job - with explanation different subject every week)
  • 🌟One month covered by our Dispatcher
  • 🌟Mentor (with option extend if case you need it)
  • 🌟Online support during course our goal your success

The full course takes about 2-3 weeks to complete

Fee of full training program: $675

  • ✔️for those who want to have high salaries and grow in their careers
  • ✔️and also those who want to work from anywhere in the world
  • ✔️those who want to try themselves in a new interesting direction
  • ✔️for those who want to work in an area that is not affected by the pandemic

How to find a job dispatcher.

We will reveal to you all the secrets of the truck business about which no expert in the USA will tell you.

We developed this training course initially for our employees' internal training. Yet this course is also one of the most comprehensive training programs, for the training of potential dispatchers.

This course is filled with valuable information that will help you avoid mistakes at the beginning of your trucking business and also help you save time and money. Note that errors in the trucking business cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Learn from our mistakes and our experience!

Thus, you can save your money and time.

How does the dispatcher earn?

An experienced dispatcher, as a rule, can load from 5 to 8 trucks simultaneously, and the mathematics, in this case, looks like this:

For example, you have 5 trucks that you load. Each of them must earn from $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 monthly.

If the trucker does not earn at least $ 1,000 a day “gross”, that is, income before taxes and all expenses (repairs, insurance, fuel, food, etc.), then earnings will not be enough for him.

Dispatcher charge 3-7%, so for example Dispatcher charge 5% from Gross of 30K it`s comes $1,500 from one truck monthly! Therefore 5 Trucks will generate for Dispatcher $7,500!

Most importantly, the dispatcher receives a commission on the entire amount of gross income!

Additional costs trucker you do not care, because you are always in the black, even if it works in the minus.

After just a few months, you will be grateful to yourself that you chose our training and made a vital decision that will help you to reach a completely new level.

Are you ready to start your business right now?

Frequently Asked Questions

What language is this course in?
The course is released in Russian and English. However, to work you need to speak English.
How long will the training take?
Training time is individual. Training can be done in a week or a month. It all depends on you. Access to all materials is unlimited.
How to get a course?
You can pay by card (Visa / MasterCard), by check or via PayPal. After payment, you will receive your personal login and password to enter your personal account, where the course will be available. The most interesting thing is that in the future you will have constant access to all materials and course updates.
In what form will I receive the materials?
You get a link and create your password. On this page, you can view the course content, all available lessons, and updates. These training materials will be available at any time.
How is the certificate delivered?
You will receive a certificate by e-mail.
I do not have the appropriate education, can I create my own business?
To create this type of business you do not need an appropriate education. All the necessary information you will receive in this course, from the creation of the company to attract customers and the mechanics of work.
Is there competition among freight dispatchers?
The US freight market is very developed. There is competition, at the same time there is a very high demand for good dispatchers.
Can I study with a partner?
Yes, you have this opportunity. When registering for the training, you will have the opportunity to buy an additional certificate for $ 100.
Can I combine the main work and engage in logistics?
Yes of course. You can work wherever you have access to the Internet and the ability to answer phone calls.
Can I count on your support? Can I ask questions?
Yes, we will answer all your questions and will support you throughout your way.

Examples of dispatchers

Example №1

You are a wife or relative of a trucker and you want to help your family save and make money.

For each flight, you will be able to save 10 percent or more in the budget.

It makes no sense to give money to other companies if you can keep them in the family.

Example №2

At the moment, you yourself are working as a truck driver and are friends with a computer.

It will be even easier for you to find the freight and agree on the price of freight, since you yourself can choose the route, the number of days in transit and, of course, agree on the payment for your work that suits you.

As a result, you will not need to pay 10-12% of the transaction of the control company.

Example №3

Let's say. You work for a company as a dispatcher. You have a salary + bonuses from the transaction.

Salary is $ 1000 per week and 2.5% - 3.5% of the gross income of the five truckers you serve.

You helped five truckers to earn $ 20,000 on average = $ 100,000 turnover per month.

Your salary this month will be:

$ 1000 X 4 weeks = $ 4,000 plus $ 100,000 X 3.0% = $ 3,000 ..... TOTAL = $ 7,000

Example №4

You are an independent dispatcher and work independently.

You helped a trucker find freight from Kentucky to Texas for $ 2,200. It took you to search for cargo and paperwork for 2 hours.

For this job, the dispatcher receives an average of 7% of the amount = $ 154, or if you want to work practically for free, then 5% = $ 110.

When a broker settles with a truck driver, the dispatcher will receive his commission from the full amount of the transaction.

Your monthly salary for this option:

5 truckers who earned an average of $ 20,000 per month = $ 100,000

You get 5-10% from $ 100,000 = $ 5000 - $ 10,000 per month

Minus advertising costs $ 1,000- $ 2,000 in the first month


these lessons are part of the full logistics training

#1: How to register a company (LLC)
In this lesson you will learn about the process of registering an LLC in Florida. To do this you need only a computer and a few minutes of your time.
#2: Types of trailers in the United States

In this lesson, we will look at such topics in detail:

  • 1. The most common types of trailers in the US and their features.
  • 2. Requirements for drivers on the example of different types of trailers.
  • 3. Features of transportation of different types of cargo.
#3: Insurance

In this lesson, we will tell you about the insurance for your truck business.

The procedure for obtaining insurance is actually very simple and will take you some time.

There are a large number of insurance companies in the USA, everyone has different insurance conditions and different requirements for your company.

#4: Alcohol-Drug Test

In this lesson, we will talk with you about such an important procedure as driver registration, alcohol, and drug test.

In a situation when a new driver comes to you to work, it is necessary to make an application of alcohol and a drug test. Also, every year the driver is obliged to pass random alcohol and drug test.

#5: DOT Inspection
In this lesson you will learn about the DOT inspection, the nuances of its passage, the six main levels of DOT checks and the most common violations.
#6: Driver Search

In this lesson, I would like to tell you about the procedure for finding a driver and how to hire a driver.

We have already discussed many topics related to documents and bureaucratic procedures for opening a truck company.

And in this video, I would like to describe the driver search algorithm, a kind of check sheet for you.

In this lesson, you will learn about some points that you need to know if you still want to open a truck company, what is SCAC code and how to get it. You must register using your company’s USDOT and MC numbers.
#8: Factoring

In this lesson you will learn about such topics:

  • 1. What is factoring?
  • 2. An example of cooperation with a factoring company.
  • 3. How to fill out an agreement with a factoring company.
#9: IFTA Calculation

In this lesson, we will examine in detail the procedure for calculating IFTA.

If you are just starting a truck business, then first of all you need to register with the IFTA department.

#10: Ensuring the safety of cargo during transportation
In this lesson you will learn about ensuring the safety of cargo during transportation and about the nuances of the transportation itself.
#11: Hot Shot Loading and Its Benefits
With increasing competition in the carrier service industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult for freight operators to get good returns from dispatch services. Today we will talk with you about what Hot Shot Loading is and what are its advantages.
#12: Dat Power Instructions

In this lesson, we will tell you what the Internet Board (Load Board) to search for cargo, what they are and teach you how to use one of them.

As a freight dispatcher you will use the boards to publish information about free trucks, you will also use them to search for available goods. Online search boards for cargo search are an important tool that will help you organize constant loading of trucks. In fact, the Internet board is a market where operators, shippers and brokers post or seek freight for transportation.

#13: Conversation with a broker
In this lesson you can get acquainted with a typical example of a broker with a dispatcher.
#14: How to fill in a set up package
In this lesson, we will teach you how to properly fill out a set up package for a broker. Set Up Package is a contract between you and the company that provides you with the goods.
#15: What is Rate Confirmation?
In this lesson we will tell you what rate confirmation is, how to fill it in and what you need to pay special attention to.
#16: What is Bill of Lading

In this lesson we will examine in detail such an important document as Bill of lading.

Bill of Lading - a document issued by the carrier, which contains the type and quantity of the transported cargo, as well as the place of its delivery. Also serves as confirmation of delivery of the goods. It certifies the ownership of the goods shipped.

#17: How to find a job as a dispatcher

In this lesson you will learn about such topics:

  • 1. How to find the Robot Manager
  • 2. How to gain experience in this area
  • 3. Which site to use for job search
#18: Dispatcher's Office
To organize a dispatcher's office does not require significant costs. You need a reliable computer, better if it has two monitors, or a laptop, special programs, printer, scanner and fax. Also for the organization of work, it is important to have high-speed Internet, better wireless. However, there are no special requirements for the location of the office. The choice will depend solely on you and your manner of building a business. For an office, you can rent a special room, arrange it at home or even in a truck.
#19: What is IP telephony?
In this lesson, I would like to talk with you about how to set up a cheap communication for working with clients. How does IP telephony work? What is the virtual number?
#20: Advertising Google Adwords
In this lesson, we’ll talk about advertising on Google Adwords, how to attract customers who will work with you in the future. We will also consider the nuances of the advertising company, setting up targeting (your target audience) and other equally important details.

Feedback from our clients


After several years of work in a large company, I decided to change something in my life. I bought a course at Truck Dispatcher Training and successfully completed it. Received the official certificate of the dispatcher. Now I am an independent freight dispatcher, I work in my house and get excellent income. The training I received at Truck Dispatcher Training taught me that I needed to change my life for the better.

Vitaliy, - Chicago


My husband acquired training for me at the end of 2016. The worst thing was that I had never seen the truck even from the inside. Very helpful explanations of teachers from Truck Dispatcher Training, where they, literally on the shelves laid out the entire business of cargo transportations. From the manual, I realized what trailers, cargoes and trucks are ... Now I work from home with my husband, who used to go. Ship 7 trucks together.

Marina, - North Port


Thanks to the methods that I learned at Truck Dispatcher Training, I managed to create a strong customer base, and now I get the benefit of owning my own profitable brokerage company. Our excellent instructors taught us how to provide truly valuable service to shippers.

Eugen, - Nyw York

What awaits you in the future if you become a dispatcher

Work anywhere in the world
Yes, it is just real. You are not tied to the office. You earn where there is a good Internet, because this is all that is needed to earn a dispatcher. Yes, and of course the skills that you get after studying our course. They will always stay with you for sure. And they will always bring you money.
Freedom and independence
You can afford more time and money for hobbies, family, travel and self-development. You are no longer a slave to circumstances. You are a full-fledged independent person! You may not even have a boss.
Professional growth
In a month or two you will reach the level where your income will become more and more stable, you will have a circle of regular customers who pay for you. This is much more pleasant, because you can afford to spend less energy on finding customers - and earn more from those who already cooperate with you.
Work without leaving home
You are your own boss, work whenever you want and where you want. Houses in a comfortable chair - or under a palm tree by the sea. Choose for yourself.
High income (from 2000 dollars per week)
Yes, you will be paid. This is a sought-after business in the United States.
Ability to create your own business
Having received the practice and using our materials (which we provide on our course), you can easily open and conduct your Dispatching Business in America.
This is one of the easiest and most profitable cases in the Logistics industry.
This profession can provide you a steady income and other pleasures.


For those who want to start a cargo business. Right now in front of you is a tool that is 100% necessary for your new business.
Having bought it, for only $ 675, you can make more correct business decisions in business. You already understand perfectly well that you cannot know everything by learning from the rumors and advice of "acquaintances". You are guaranteed to learn something new and useful in this training. Most likely, it will save you thousands of dollars and save you from bankruptcy in the next two years. You will definitely benefit from freight business development training.
If this is a question of price – then you'd better stay away from freight and forget about this topic completely. You can not even afford to fill the truck…
Having bought it, for only $ 675, you can make more correct business decisions in business. You already understand perfectly well that you cannot know everything by learning from the rumors and advice of "acquaintances". You are guaranteed to learn something new and useful in this training. Most likely, it will save you thousands of dollars and save you from bankruptcy in the next two years. You will definitely benefit from freight business development training.
If you already have a freight transportation business, then having read this far, you are guaranteed that you already have standard problems in your business and you need help.
And most likely, you have several problems that this training can fix.
We offer you help in creating your company: Our experts will help you to avoid all the mistakes that newcomers make in this area.
  • Company Registration ($ 100)
  • Register MC numbers ($ 100)
  • IFTA Clearance ($ 100)
  • UCR Registration ($ 30)

If you take the package of our services, then the total cost will be $ 250.

Also, we offer the opening of your turnkey truck company.
We take full responsibility for the development of your company. We will go through this difficult path with you. The cost of this service is $ 500.

Truck Dispatcher Training


Most popular truck dispatcher training

For 1 year over 1500+ students finished our training program

Team`s course

Based on 9+ years experience in Logistic and Dispatching which was become available to signup from 2018

Run and Developing Logistic Company under your name

Based on over 30+ developing logistic companies we optional helping to start your business as independent owner operator / independent truck dispatcher

Build your career

After you finished the training program and passed the exam. Option become available how to build your career (create CV, find first Employer, find your first owner operator and working as independent dispatcher with option our partnership until your ready to do your own)


Each Student will get access to live support of Mentor in personal cabinet for one month and option continue with monthly subscription

You will get access for all lessons and support with personal mentor

Full course



You will get access for all lessons and support with personal mentor


Themed Modules



Weekly live Stream (How Dispatches do his job - with explanation different subject every week)

One month covered by our Dispatcher- Mentor (with option extend if case you need it)

Online support during course

our goal your success

Fee of full training program:


What do you get in training?

#1 Dispatcher Handbook

In Russian/English

#2: Online training for a dispatcher

Theoretical Part and Practical Knowledge

#3: Consultation with a logistics expert

Free consultation with our expert in the trucking industry at any time.

#4: Official Certificate Manager

After you successfully pass the test, you will receive an official certificate confirming your training at Truck Dispatcher Training.

#5: How to start working in the transport business

Our experts will tell you how to start working in the transport business and how to avoid standard mistakes.

#6: About employment and guarantees

We will teach you how to find work in the best US companies and how to open your own business

#7: How much does it cost to open lowboard

You will learn how you can open lowboard and how much it costs.

#8: Bonuses

You will get nice bonuses that will help you in mastering a new profession for you.

Who is this training for?

1 - For those who want to learn a new profession in the field of Logistics or start their own business.

  • 1 - This training is necessary for anyone who has ever thought about the high profits in the Logistics industry in America, or those who want to earn good money working as a Dispatcher or Manager in a truck company.


  • 2 - Investors who think to invest their money in the Business of Cargo Transportation will receive an advantage and the opportunity to fully manage their investments
  • 3 - For owners of existing truck companies who want to figure out how to increase profits and attract new customers or employees.
  • 4 - The wives of truckers, can add in the family budget from $ 2,000 to $ 4,000 each month without much difficulty and help the spouse to receive goods and arrange the documents.
  • 5 - Experienced truckers can save tens of thousands of dollars a year on dispatch services. Having only a computer and a mobile connection in a truck.

To do this, you do not need to have any experience, because we will provide you with all the necessary information in our training on freight and dispatch business. You will receive official certificates from our courses. Marketing tools, which include our proven promotional materials to attract customers to your business and increase revenue.

Also, you will receive a full-fledged system of business organization, which has helped many of the companies we have started to earn high profits.

This course will give you the opportunity to receive a substantial income. After training, you will receive a certificate that you have completed the course and are ready to work.

Within just one month after completing the course, you can realize yourself in the transport business.

2 - People who accidentally opened on this site can help their friends - Truckers. Tell them about this site and about the opportunity to conquer new heights

It will take years, but the person will remember that you have changed his life for the better...


Choosing a gift is a complicated thing. Training in Logistics, guaranteed to please anyone.

3 - For experienced truckers who realize that health is more precious than money and want to return home.

I just want to be at home and LIVE in my own pleasure, while taking a full part in raising my children and grandchildren.


Answer yourself one simple question .... Having the opportunity to earn the same money, do not romp around America, would you go to the truck, closer than 100 meters? Is it more pleasant for you to be in a truck, thousands of kilometers from home, than with your family?

From the life you dream about driving a truck, only one thing separates you - knowledge ... The knowledge that will allow you to make the most of your years of experience and develop in the United States. You did come here for this ... Remember?

От жизни, о которой вы мечтаете за рулем трака, вас разделяет только одно - знания... Знания, которые позволят вам максимально выгодно использовать свой многолетний опыт и развиваться в США. Вы ведь для этого сюда приехали... Помните?

Yes, it will be difficult for you to immediately change your habits and lifestyle. Yes, you lost the habit of learning new things and taking risks. But think ... How many years are you still ready to throw in vain? Do you have another life left to start all over again? How much more need to endure until the moment comes?

Maybe you still stop ... and think about the meaning of life?

Having the experience and connections that you have acquired over the years as a truck driver, who else would like to grow up the career ladder in cargo transportation?

You can start with training for a dispatcher (just $ 675), he will prepare you for new victories and help you earn a couple thousand more every month.

P.S. In our company, half the dispatchers are former truckers. Now, they are not driven into the truck at gunpoint. Think again ... but are you sure that everything suits you in the truck...

4 - For the Trucker's Wife, who wants to help her husband and replenish thousands of $$$ family budget.

Do you all know about those sleepless nights that he spends alone driving a truck? Do you know how he wants to go home?


Your husbands are real heroes !!! They are doing everything to ensure that you and your children have a decent future in America. Risking every day, their health and life. The trucker profession is one of the 10 most dangerous professions in the United States.

This profession becomes dangerous when the trucker decides to drive a few more miles. Breaking the rules and risking health, in the hope of earning an extra couple of thousands a month.

Spouses of truckers can each month, without leaving home, add to the family budget from $ 2,000 to $ 3,000, helping her husband to receive goods and draw up documents. You can, having learned the new profession of Cargo Dispatcher, allow your husband to take fewer risks on the road, trying to earn an extra couple of thousands for you and your children.

Also, having gained experience, you can attract a couple of additional drivers who will pay you for the services of a dispatcher. Thus, in a couple of months, you will be able to fully earn $ 4000- $ 5000 per month, working for yourself and your family.

You do not need to have any experience, because we will provide you with everything you need in this training. You will get all the knowledge and examples you need from our experienced dispatchers in the office. You will have everything to start...

P.S. Do not forget that the woman is the neck, and the man is the head. Help your husband achieve new heights and success. Together you will achieve more than separately...

5 - For those who want to open their Trucking Company and DO NOT declare themselves bankrupt for the first year, as is the case with most of our compatriots.

You are a successful person who can afford to organize your own business in the United States.


At the same time, thinking about the investments and the launch of the Cargo Transportation Business in America, “our” person, first of all, begins to “punch” information on acquaintances, acquaintances, acquaintances, and neighbors. All this is usually done in the hope of obtaining decent and "scarce" knowledge, which, he believes, is nowhere to be found.

In the end, many will burn out in the very first year, after the launch of the freight business in America. They do not understand why the advice and promises of friends and neighbors did not work. And the statistics are to blame for everything ... You probably already heard that the Americans, who grew up here and speak English perfectly, have a 90% chance of getting burned out during the first two years of doing business. For immigrants, the statistics are a little worse. People lose (sometimes the last) money brought to America and they sit in Truck for many years. There are not hundreds of such stories ... there are thousands of them ... and you probably already heard about them more than once.

If you recognize yourself or your acquaintances in these examples, then...

Don't be upset. In fact, you still have a few options:

The first option - you hire professional consultants and pay them good money so that they run you a full-fledged American business. For example, several of our professional entrepreneurs, whose companies work like a clock and bring them good profit in America at this moment.

Accordingly, decide to save on this (most important) step. Not even because of stubbornness and not because you want to risk the future of your family in America. Not at all ... Just out of habit and as superfluous as all this incomprehensible "topic" is, you will go in a more "advanced" and economical (in your opinion) way.

Instead of working with experienced specialists with many years of experience (120 years), who saw ALL in logistics. You will find yourself (again, familiarly) an experienced assistant, from former truckers or dispatchers. In this case, you will require that they run you a full-fledged business. And the experience, in organizing and running profitable businesses in the United States, these wonderful people may not be at all. After all, they are professionals in their particular business. You are very lucky if one of them passed our logistics training about which you are reading now…

The second option - you can finally, right now realize that you need knowledge of how to do business in freight ... and it is in the United States. And purchase full logistics training for only $ 675. This is a penny compared to the risk you take when starting a business in America. You know, what are the statistics on startup startups ?!

You need to arm yourself with all the knowledge that will protect you from unscrupulous advisers, partners, and employees. Which may try to "pull you" in the process of doing business. And believe... they will do it if you do not understand anything in the business in which you invested your money.

When you start a medium-sized freight business (for example, 10 trucks), even financing trucks, you will invest about $ 500,000 (five hundred hundred thousand) dollars in this business for the first year. Training that can help you costs only $ 675.

P.S. On the scales you have now - {half a million dollars and a year of your life} and {training for $ 675 bucks ...} Are you sure you can afford the luxury of not buying it ...? After all, it’s not even a question of emotions and money - this is a business decision and the first investment, which speaks volumes and leads to a huge amount of consequences in your life...

America is a very "tough" country, which can take away from people counting on our "maybe" all the money. I personally know people who have lost tens of millions of dollars in a couple of years in America. They literally "squeezed out" everything they brought here. You can be sure that these were very difficult people. But they already had to leave America. All the fault was, as usual, increased self-confidence.

How confident are you that you want to risk your future?

Think about it while you are doing well and have every chance of success.

Are You Ready to Start Your Successful Career in the Dispatch Business?