• Our method of document management

The Truck Dispatcher Service provides segment-leading trucking document management services, both individually and as part of a comprehensive package of dispatch services. We understand that different trucking companies require different levels of support. Part of our approach to service is to work collaboratively with our customers to provide them with exactly what they need. Because you know your business better, we won’t impose on you what you don’t need.

  • More than just document management

Of course, most of our clients appreciate our full service because putting everything they don’t want to take care of in our capable hands allows them to focus on what they do best. With the help of our dispatch service, we find loads, negotiate rates-the highest price we can get for our clients to make more money-and adjust the details. We prepare invoices, maintain shipping documentation, and make sure that everything that needs to be done under contracts with customers is done well and on time. We’re also happy to help clients maintain accounting records, generate and update IFTA reports, interact with online transportation management services, and more.

  • Why Truck Dispatcher Service?

With years of experience in the industry and our passionate, dedicated, professional staff, the Truck Dispatcher Service works with one goal in mind: to give truck drivers and trucking companies a reason to trust dispatchers again. Quality service, integrity and transparency are paramount to us. Customers love our ability to monitor multiple platforms, take the time to find the best loads for their volume, structure and goals, and capitalize on our negotiating acumen. Most clients are surprised at how cost-effective and profitable we are compared to a hired dispatcher – we save clients time and money on things like office rentals and staffing. We’re not going to waste your time by distorting reality – in terms of costs, expectations or anything else. We guarantee what we promise, and we deliver what we promise.

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