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What Is the Best Way to Pay for Diesel Fuel: in Cash or by Credit Card?

All truck drivers have noticed at least once in their lives that the price of diesel fuel depends on how it is paid. Such pricing is not always against the law. The fact is that a company that sells diesel fuel has the right to set different prices for the same item of its range with different payment methods.

As a result, it became more profitable for all drivers, not just trucks, to refuel their vehicles with cash rather than a credit card. This is because gas station owners pay fees for credit card payments.

More on the Differences in Diesel Fuel PricesWhat Is the Best Way to Pay for Diesel Fuel: in Cash or by Credit Card?

Each state has its own rules. Based on exactly where you are, you will see:

  1. Some states report a cash price. In this case, the customer is charged more money if they make the payment by credit card.
  2. Some states, on the other hand, report the price by credit card. In that case, the buyer is charged less money if he or she makes a cash payment.
  3. There are also states that treat cash and credit card payments equally and do not advertise either one.

Notably, some states do not allow the price of a product to be raised if a person decides to pay for it with a credit card. But businessmen use subterfuge. They increase the total price of diesel fuel per gallon. And for those who are willing to pay in cash, they give a discount. In the end, the businessmen lose nothing.

If you see two prices, you’re lucky and you won’t make a mistake: some states require you to write both prices. If you see only one price and it is in a very obvious place, in all likelihood it is the cash price.

What to Choose?What Is the Best Way to Pay for Diesel Fuel: in Cash or by Credit Card?

It doesn’t matter if you own a single truck or a large fleet. In both the former and the latter, fuel is the backbone of your company’s operations. That’s why you should consider even the small difference in price per gallon.

When you need to buy a lot of diesel fuel, using cash is not an option. It’s simply not safe, because no one is immune to the banal theft. In this situation a credit card can be a solution. The more so that sometimes banks offer a refund of some amount for paying fuel. But do not forget that such offers are often promotional, that is valid for only a few weeks.

If neither cash nor credit card payments are appropriate, consider applying for a fuel card. For many of them you can get a discount if you pay by cash. But there are a number of things to consider as well. For example, some fuel cards have monthly fees that negate any savings.


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