A CDL Driver’s Class C Licence

What is a Class C License?

CDL is an abbreviation of a Commercial Driver’s License. It needs for driving any vehicles that are used to transport goods or passengers. This license was not always necessary. Each state had its own laws on driving different vehicles, which could lead to some road accidents. But when the Vehicle Motor and Safety Act was passed in 1986, driving without a CDL for commercial became impossible.

Currently, employers are more likely to hire CDL holders. So, you better get the one, if you are interested in such a job that requests a CDL. To get it you need to complete a CDL training course and pass a driving test.

Types of Driver’s License

What is a Class C License?

Classes A, B, and C are three types of CDL. Each type gives you the right to drive different vehicles. Also, there are different requirements for each type.

The First is A Class. Holder of this type is allowed to drive vehicles with a total safe weight of more than 26,002 ft. and on the condition that tows GVWR is no less than 10,001 ft.

The Second is B Class. The holder with this type is authorized for driving vehicles with a safe weight of 26,001 ft. and a tow maximum weight of 10,000 ft.

The third is C Class. The owners of this type are authorized for using transportation vehicles for 15 or more passengers, without the driver. In addition, the presence of Class C CDL allows you to transport equipment or hazardous materials.

What is the difference between a class A, B and Class C CDL?

What is a Class C License?

If the driver’s career is what interests you, it is better to know the difference between all the CDL Classes and what kind of vehicle you can drive, because the different driving job requires different types of CDL.

With Class A CDL you can drive any combination of vehicles with a total safe weight of 26,002 ft. and more when Class B allows you no more than 26,002 ft. and allow you to use some of Class C vehicles. Also, with Class A you can tow more than 10,001 ft., and with Class B no more than 10,001 ft.

While Classes A and B have a little bit in common, Class C is at a different level. Being a holder of Class C you are authorized to drive vehicles with 15 or more passengers. Besides, you have permission to transport hazardous material and equipment. Unfortunately, this license does not allow you to operate any Classes A or B transport.

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How to get a class C driver’s license

  1. If your job involves the transportation of goods or passengers, you are needed Class C of Commercial Driver’s License. For getting this license, the first thing you need to do is to know what specifics of the license are in your state because they vary from state to state. And then
  2. Discover if you need to be 18 or 21 years old
  3. Get your state’s CDL application and fill it out
  4. Provide a vision test and medical exam report
  5. Complete your state’s CDL exam
  6. Complete any training programs and pass all Skills Test
  7. Pay the fee and become a Class C CDL holder