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What does the working day of a cargo dispatcher look like

To understand the mode of operation of the cargo dispatcher, you need to understand the features of his profession. The main task of this specialist is to search for goods to load trucks. The dispatcher can work both remotely and in the office. The activity of the logistician is so multifaceted and complex that it is quite difficult to determine the hours of his work. But some general characteristic of the working day can be shown.

Working day of a cargo dispatcher

Let’s show an approximate sequence of actions of the cargo dispatcher:

  1. Look into the e-mail to check messages from shippers, drivers or carriers.
  2. Contact drivers, find out about the current state of affairs.
  3. Search for goods. To do this, the dispatcher needs to spend a lot of time on the Internet. Sometimes it is possible to load the truck in a few hours. Another time, a few days is not enough.
  4. Inform the driver about the cargo. This should be done only after the logistician receives the documents for the cargo.
  5. Find the item for the next day. It is better to worry in advance. Maybe tomorrow there will be no customers.
  6. Inquire about the driver’s situation. If all is well, you can rest.

The United States of America is a large country and is located in several time zones. Somewhere mornings come early, somewhere later. The dispatcher would like to start work in the morning, as most people do. But his work is specific. The logistician and his truck may be in different time zones. The dispatcher is not up to sleep, if the cargo is not loaded. He should find shippers in the immediate vicinity where the car is parked. If he misses the moment, competitors can intercept the cargo, and he will be left with nothing.

The length of the working day of the cargo dispatcher is influenced by many factors:

The dispatcher must be prepared for all unforeseen circumstances. He must deliver the cargo at all costs if he wants to stay afloat.

How much does a cargo dispatcher earn per working day

The income of a cargo dispatcher can be limitless. The size of earnings depends on many factors. In the U.S., a dispatcher can receive three types of payment for his labour:

  1. Fixed pay. Its size depends on the head of the business, for whom the dispatcher constantly works. The salary is calculated as follows: the minimum wage of the trawl for the month is multiplied by the percentage offered to the dispatcher and divided by the number of weeks.
  2. Percentage of gross. This is a share of the gross profit margin received to load one trawl. In U.S. transportation companies, it usually starts at 2.5%. It is difficult to name the exact amount of earnings of the dispatcher, because the transactions for loading are completely different. They can range from $600 to $10,000.
  3. Rate plus interest. In the US, about $ 200 is given for loading a trawl. That’s the bet. A 0.5-1% percent is added to it.

The most profitable logisticians call payment a percentage of the transaction. The specialist is interested in working intensively, loading more trawls and bargaining about the price with brokers. With experience, the dispatcher can switch to an independent search for goods, so that there is no one to share income with. At the same time, he takes full responsibility.

The work of the dispatcher is interesting and complex. It is in demand and gives a good income. To become a professional dispatcher, you need to know and be able to do a lot.

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