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What causes sleep disorders in truck drivers?

It is difficult to dispute the fact that the work of truckers is one of the most difficult and time-consuming. They have to overcome lots of difficulties. But the most dangerous phenomenon that often accompanies a truck driver is drowsiness. This condition often leads to traffic accidents.

With the participation of heavy trucks, they become more dangerous. Truckers with experience, in addition to good money, manage to earn serious illnesses. According to Australian scientists, 40% of drivers have depressed breathing during sleep. At this time, they can’t breathe due to blockage of the respiratory tract. It is believed that this syndrome seven times increases the risk of an accident. What causes sleep disorders in truck drivers?

The nature of the profession significantly affects the health of the trucker. Doctors believe that many truck drivers have various health problems:

Plus, 40 percent of truckers smoke.

Signs of drowsiness behind the wheel

Science has proven that a person should sleep 8 hours a day. Of course, each individual is unique. Some people need less time to sleep. For some professions, this factor is not critical. But this does not apply to the profession of a driver, especially a trucker. A truck driver who does not get enough sleep can be compared to a potential killer, since a rare accident involving tonnage trucks ends without casualties.

Each driver must monitor the condition of his body. Here are a few signs that clearly indicate drowsiness:

When one of these signs appears, the driver is obliged to stop the car and rest.

Factors affecting drowsiness

In America, 0.08 concentrations of alcohol in the blood are permissible. Studies of scientists show that 18 hours without sleep is equivalent to its content in the blood of 0.05 pro miles. If a person does not sleep for a day, the indicator exceeds the permissible norm of alcohol in the blood.

When driving long distances, you need to take into account certain factors that affect drowsiness behind the wheel. These are the main factors:

Time of day

Our biological clock gives us two signals a day: before bedtime and after lunch. Statistics show that most accidents occur between 12 a.m. and eight a.m. and between 1 and 3 p.m.

A driver without a person nearby

Sometimes people sitting next distract the driver. But it is proved that the absence of passengers nearby leads to 82% of accidents. Conversations with a person sitting next increase the driver’s vivacity and do not allow him to fall asleep.What causes sleep disorders in truck drivers?

The inability of the asleep driver to make a decision

Truckers are mostly experienced drivers. Under normal conditions, they are able to take adequate measures to avoid an accident or to minimize the consequences. The sleeping driver does not have time to do anything. Therefore, most accidents that occur due to sleeping behind the wheel are fatal.

Driver’s age

Studies have shown that 55% of accidents on the roads occur due to the fault of young drivers under 25 years of age. This is explained by the facts that many young people lead a wrong lifestyle, lack of sleep at night. Others, in pursuit of big money, try to earn it as quickly as possible.

There are other reasons that lead the driver to a drowsy state behind the wheel:

In the dangerous category of truckers are those who work all day and get behind the wheel at night. Drivers who chronically do not get enough sleep are constantly pecking their noses.

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