Violations take you of road ! Keep your eye on safety ratings ! FITNESS - Truck Dispatcher Training

Violations take you of road ! Keep your eye on safety ratings ! FITNESS

Hi! Do you know how safety can influence increases in your company insurance? Do you know about the consequences if the insurance grows? Your company just can be closed. But don`t worry, now I am going to tell you about all aspects of safety and after this video you will be prepared for anything!


Let’s start with the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER). What is it? The Company Snapshot is a free service which provides a concise record of a company’s identification, size, cargo, inspection and out-of-seлrvice summary, crash data and safety rating (if any).


It is very important for your company because safety records are public information. Everyone can check your company rating. There you can see the number of accidents, how many out of service were out, how many violations the company has and so on. And of course the more safety rating the bigger is your insurance. Some companies can lose their contract with brokers or shippers because everyone will think that it is too risky to do business with the company that has problems with safety. Finally your business just might close.


FMCSA sets the rules and USDOT enforces them. Every state has their own DOT enforcement. Transportation companies always are tracked via a USDOT number. This number will track their history with DOT.  

The more than 45% logistic companies usually close because they don’t keep track of their safety record


The website where you can see your check on the insurance status and all the information Safety and Fitness Electronic Records. You should make an account here if you still haven’t or if you already have an account just write your user ID, login and password.


You can view the safety record of your own or someone else’s company at any time.


You should come to the company snapshot page. Firstly there you should write the dot number, motor carrier number or the name of the business and click search. Next you will see a lot of information about the company. 

The most important thing that you can see there is the operating status which here acknowledges the authorized for property. 

Next is the carrier operation. There are interstate which means companies can travel from state to state, intrastate only which means it can travel within only one state they are registered to. 

Next column is cargo carried where you can see information about the load that can be carried.

There is also information about a current insurance status, cancellation or how much it carries, and it is a really important part on this page! When you click here you will see a new page where you should put in the dot number or other items such as the motor carrier, legal name. That’s all! Now you can see the view details report and make a printout of the insurance.

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I hope this video was helpful for you! Next video will be about MVR and driver violations! 

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