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Van Freight Rates

We all understand that everything on this planet has a butterfly effect. As you know, there are events of a great importance happening throughout the World. Economy is a sphere when all the changes are perfectly seen. Today, we would like to portray to you a situation we have on the US Market.
So, currently four elements affect the trucking market: inbound container shipments, load volume, and fuel prices are down. Also, we must say that truck capacity is up.
Let’s have a closer look at the Van Freight Rates in July, 2022. Report shows current national van rate averages are at $2.67 per mile, a $.01 decrease from the June average. The highest average van rates are in the Southeast at $2.75 per mile. The lowest average van rates are in the Northeast at $2.42 per mile. By the way, load-to-truck ratio is 3.91 loads to truck, compared to the June 26th average of 3.74. Ratios are highest in the Southern border and Gulf coast states. The lowest ratios are in the Midwest and Northwest.
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