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Types of Trucks: Do You Know Them All?

The best vehicles for transporting heavy cargo are trucks, because it is their main function. If something has to go on the road, no matter what it is, it will go on the truck. And because of this, there are a lot different truck types. If you are interested in this, or perhaps want to bond your life with trucks, we offer you our truck dispatcher training.

Pickup Truck

This type of truck is more for personal use. Despite this, they are really popular. Often pickups are used for hauling, towing, moving a large thing. On the pickup truck can be placed camper shells, it is useful for camping.

Often the trucks are used by:

Box Truck

Types of Trucks: Do You Know Them All?

The truck got its name because of its box-shaped cargo area. In most trucks, the cabin is not connected to the cargo area. But sometimes there is a door between these two areas. They are usually 10 to 26 ft and have a range of capacity from 12,501 to 33,001.

More often they are used for transporting:

Tank Truck

This truck is crated for transporting liquids and gases. But tank truck is not the only vehicle for transporting this, there are also railroad tank cars, but they are not for roads. There are a lot of variants of tank trucks, because of the wide variety of gases and liquids. Tank trucks usually are large; they may be designed for multiple or one loads; insulated or pressurized.

Gases and liquids tank truck is used for:

Tow Truck

Types of Trucks: Do You Know Them All?

This truck is designed for transporting motor vehicles that have problems such as parking in the wrong place, damage that does not allow you to drive the vehicle yourself, confiscation, etc. It may seem that tow truck is just like car trailers, but it is not. Car trailers move the cars from or to somewhere for some purpose, but a tow truck moves the vehicles that may pose danger or be in danger.

This truck was invented because of one incident. One person needed blocks, ropes, and six men to pull the car out of a creek. He made some improvements and started using them for commercials.

Other Truck Types

Trucks are invented to transport any kind of things. There are many truck types for every possible situation.

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