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Truck weigh stations

Truck weigh stations are­ used for these ta­x purposes as well as to monitor the weight of a truck to ensure that it falls within the safety guidelines that each state has in place for its road system.

Weight is usually calculated in two measurements:
-Axle weight – the amount of weight carried by each axle
-Gross weight – the combined weight of all the axles
Do you know what’s the process of getting to know weight? We can name three methods:
-One-axle – a truck gradually drives across a single scale, stopping each time a set of wheels is on the scale. Once all the axles have been weighed, the total is added together.
-One-stop – A series of scales are used so that the entire truck can be weighed at once. The scales are typically connected to a single electronic controller that automatically combines the axle weights to get the gross weight.
-Weigh-in-motion (WIM) – A truck drives through the sensor pads. Unlike the other two methods, there is no need for the truck to come to a complete stop while on the scales. In fact, some WIM systems are installed in highways so that all traffic is monitored at speed.
Lights will show if there is a necessity of extra checking.
You know, Weigh Stations can be easily recognised by road signs. If you see ‘Closed’, don’t stop and continue moving.

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