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Truck dispatcher training

Freight traffic in the United States of America ranks first in the world in terms of volume. Almost 100,000 companies with 3.5 million drivers are involved in this business. Cargo transportation is served by more than 700,000 dispatchers.

But the industry does not stand still. The needs of the country are increasing. In this regard, the flow of goods from abroad is increasing too. Production capacities within the country are also developing. Every year the number of cargo transportation between the states increases. In this regard, the problem of shortage of dispatchers is becoming even more acute than it is now. Recall that logistics companies need about 15,000 dispatchers.

In this situation, preparing professionals who will be able to set to work immediately is very important. These problems should solve courses training specialists for logistics.

About us

Our company is called Truck Dispatcher Training. You can learn at our courses all the secrets of cargo transportation. We have been providing educational services and consultations since 2018. More than 1700 dispatchers have already completed our courses. Many of them are already working, others are waiting for their appointments. The company employs every graduate.

In our courses you will receive:

  1. 30 basic lessons for dispatchers.
  2. 5 additional marketing lessons.
  3. A book about the profession of a dispatcher.

After completing the courses, students receive certificates.

The history of the companyTruck dispatcher training

2013 − opened logistic offices in New York and Pennsylvania.

2014-2015 − increased capacities, purchased vehicles, established partnerships with other enterprises.

2016 − tested courses for own dispatchers, applied the acquired skills in practice.

2018 − created open courses, improved content, trained the first students.

2019 − sold a logistics company, creating instead an office for training dispatchers.

2020 − adapted courses to the realities of the Covid period. We took into account the criticism, brought the program to a high level and began to help other companies.

2021 − opened branches in Europe and the CIS countries.

As you can see, the company was not created from scratch, but systematically went to the cherished goal – the training of qualified dispatchers to work in logistics companies.

Professional skills of our graduates:

Prospects of the graduates for the futureTruck dispatcher training

You have successfully completed the dispatcher courses, what’s next? A distinctive feature of the company is that it does not abandon its students to the mercy of fate. It solves their problems.

Work anywhere

You can use the knowledge gained from anywhere in the world where the Internet works normally. You can travel and make money at the same time. By working as a dispatcher, you can be completely free. This gives huge opportunities for self-development, spend a lot of time with the family, do your favourite things. There’s no boss over you.

Work in comfortable conditions and get high income

Remote work allows you to sit in a comfortable chair at home or solve business problems by sunbathing on the seashore. At the same time, your weekly salary will exceed $ 2,000.

Creating your own business

The knowledge gained in our courses is enough to open your own business. This can be done in a couple of years of practical experience.

We are in touch around the clock without days off. Write to us or call when it is convenient for you. We are always ready to give advice on any issues.

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