Truck dispatcher training in Florida - Truck Dispatcher Training

Truck dispatcher training in Florida

Training for a vehicle dispatcher includes a theoretical part and practical disciplines, compiled on the basis of regulatory legal acts in the field of traffic management and a professional standard. The dispatcher must know:

Truck dispatcher training in Florida

Professional retraining is carried out remotely. Students study the disciplines of the course in their personal account on the educational portal. The specialist will receive access to lectures, professional literature and other materials in 2-3 days from the date of payment for services. After studying the topics, you need to pass the final test. To complete the course, you only need a computer or mobile device with Internet access and applications for reading files.

Benefits of distance learning

Preparing for a dispatcher in a remote format will allow:

The standard course lasts an average of 506 academic hours. To get a diploma in 3 months, a student needs to study 6-8 hours a day. You can change the terms of retraining, add the necessary disciplines to the curriculum and reallocate hours between topics in a personal training program. Requirements for an individual course must be agreed with the manager before the start of classes.

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