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The main types of cargo handling facilities and mechanisms

In modern conditions, it is difficult to imagine the process of loading and unloading operations without the participation of special mechanisms and means. But no matter what new products are invented by engineers, loading and unloading will not do without human help. Therefore, before proceeding to the description of the equipment for these purposes, we will talk about the work of the loader.

This service has its undoubted advantages. You can find a loader among relatives, neighbours, friends, colleagues. Even strangers for a small fee, will help to load or unload things. Movers are able to pick up and carry objects to places where no mechanism passes.

In domestic conditions you can’t do without loaders. But when performing large-scale work, where you have to deal with bulky and heavy loads, their services become auxiliary. The main work will quickly be done by special means and mechanisms.

The main types of cargo handling facilities and mechanisms


These are special devices, used to capture and lift cargo with a crane. At the ends of the slings there are rings, hooks or staples for engagement. Slings are made in the form of rope, chain or metal cable.


This kind of miniature and mobile vehicle has firmly taken its place in warehouses. Electric and diesel forklifts do a lot of work:

Front loader

The lifting elements of special equipment are the boom and the bucket attached to it. It is designed both for loading and unloading of goods, as well as quarrying and earthmoving operations. Some forklifts are versatile. They provide various types of replaceable equipment: hooks, pitchforks, grippers, nozzles, snow blowers.

Truck crane

The main advantage of a special vehicle is its mobility. The truck crane is easy to move from place to place. A long powerful boom is able to lift a load weighing 16 tons or more.

Tower crane

The rotary crane of this mechanism is attached to a high tower. Such machines are used in the construction of high-rise buildings to lift and move building materials at height.

Gantry crane

The main types of cargo handling facilities and mechanisms

This mechanism moves along the rails installed between the two supports. It is a stationary crane that moves loads in a confined space.


It is a container for liquids and bulk cargo.


The tool is a bucket fixed on a crane for capturing and shipping earth, sand, scrap metal, stones.

Grain loader

The machine is used in elevators and warehouses for loading and raking grain.


It is used for loading containers on the platform of the car and removing them from it.

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