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The Biggest Challenges for U.S. Trucking Companies in 2022

No one would argue that running a company in any industry or of any size is very difficult. Especially when the national and global markets are going through bad times. Today, we’re going to talk about the biggest challenges for U.S. trucking companies in 2022. This information will come in handy for those just starting out in the logistics industry as well as those who have been doing business here for years.

Legislative Restrictions

Of course, all the laws that are developed and approved by the authorities are aimed at improving safety on the roads. They concern all aspects of motor transport companies: working hours, rules for completing electronic documentation, emission standards, etc. In practice, however, some of these laws have led to new difficulties in the trucking industry, including additional costs for fleet owners.

High Fuel PricesThe Biggest Challenges for U.S. Trucking Companies in 2022

The constant rise in the cost of fuel forces you to look for ways to save on gasoline and diesel. One of them is the use of fuel cards. They provide discounts not only on fuel but also on other services.

Insufficient Number of Specialists

Staff turnover in trucking companies remains prohibitive. Sometimes it reaches 100%! In order to retain employees, management offers them tangible and intangible bonuses – bonuses, extended social benefits, etc.

Serious Illnesses of Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are much more likely to be diagnosed with pathologies such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. These diseases are directly related to the specific nature of their jobs. And many truck drivers, for one reason or another, do not have health insurance and therefore cannot count on meaningful treatment. But the situation is improving. For example, just recently, several American associations announced the launch of special programs to keep truck drivers healthy.

Frequent AccidentsThe Biggest Challenges for U.S. Trucking Companies in 2022

Over the past few years, the number of traffic accidents that resulted in fatalities has increased several times. The reason is that most trucks travel on freeways – roads without crosswalks. Innovative technology, based on the use of sensor-based devices, is already helping to reduce the frequency of accidents.

The Need for Highway Infrastructure Upgrades

Official statistics state that the U.S. ranked only 16th in highway infrastructure among developed nations. Accordingly, the government should consider increasing funding for the construction of new roads and repair of old ones, as well as the construction of bridges. If this is not done, accidents will occur more and more often. Consequently, the owners of road transport companies will have more costs and less income. 

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