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The best software tools for truck dispatcher

The best software tools for truck dispatcher

Trucking dispatch softwares are indispensable assistants in a dispatcher`s work. They are completely different, with a variety of functions and prices. A freight dispatch software helps to reduce companies’ operational costs, optimize delivery routes, manage and track vehicles. But how can you choose the best one for your business? In this post, we are going to recommend you the most up-to-date software solutions for dispatching.

1. TruckLogics
The software is created for small and medium-sized companies. This is a basic and user-friendly software that provides dispatchers with all the traditional and necessary management services. It includes route planning, pick-up and delivery, load optimization, compliance management, pricing and shipping brokerage. Pleasant bonuses of the software tool are fuel accounting, vehicle history and bar coding. And of course, special attention should be paid to the fact that you can operate the delivery of loads from any device. That’s because TruckLogics is available on Android and iOS smartphones, as well as on all Windows and Mac platforms.

2. ITS Dispatch
This is a cloud-based trucking dispatch software. It was designed for small to medium-sized fleets and freight shipping organizations. It is best suited for fleets of 25 trucks with 20 or fewer users at a time. In addition to standard features such as shipping, scheduling, freight brokerage and pricing, it includes uniquely accurate GPS tracking and quote management. This software is easy to use and has all the necessary conditions for high-quality dispatching of trucks. There is a convenient interface which provides the creation and processing of invoices in one click. ITS Dispatch is available with Mac and Windows based systems and includes two rates of monthly subscriptions.

3. Upper Route Planner
The software has many benefits. It integrates the route optimization solution with an advanced dynamic route scheduling program to improve operational efficiency. This means that the software can easily improve the delivery process. Dispatchers are able to change routes, plan weekly schedules, optimize pick-up and delivery processes. With Upper Route Planner you can also receive progress reports. This tool is a real find!

4. ProTransport
This dispatch software is suitable for trucking fleets of any size. It allows us to maintain accounting records, manage safety, monitor trucks using GPS, plan delivery routes, and keep in touch with the driver using text messages. The accounting feature supports monitoring of accounts payable and receivable, billing, revenue and cost analysis.

5. Axon Trucking Software
It is a great dispatch software solution for small and large transportation businesses. Its key features include truck monitoring, invoicing, fleet maintenance, accounting and dispatching. With Axon Trucking Software you are also able to control the inventory, track KPI and scan barcodes. These functions are enough for most people. But the developers of the software have added an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) calculator, that allows us to measure mileage using in-cab satellite interface.

6. Samsara
This is one of the most valuable software for transport companies. It includes trailer tracking, real-time traffic information, shedulling, GPS-monitoring, route planning and dashboard camera. With samsara geolocation tracking is as accurate as possible. Moreover, this truck dispatch software has the key feature of controlling driver`s conduct to ensure compliance with the ELS and FMCSA rules. It also sends the data about unnecessary halts, vehicle breakdown and fuel wastage.

All these trucking dispatch software solutions will help your business to systematize and become better. We suggest you get familiar with each of them in more detail, discuss the pros and cons, view the availability of basic and additional functions and calculate the size of your fleet. After that you can choose the best software for your business.

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