Startup Trucking Bussiness? 8 Things You Need to Know! - Truck Dispatcher Training

Startup Trucking Bussiness? 8 Things You Need to Know!

TOP Positions to run New Trucking Business
That`s Truck Dispatcher Training and today we are going to speak about important positions for a new trucking business. You won`t run your business without them.
What positions are these?
Why do you need them?
Let’s figure it out!
Number one is a dispatcher. This position will just save your business. Dispatchers usually have a lot of responsibilities. They schedule freight deliveries, manage the drivers, set up drivers’ routes and so on. You can dispatch yourself or you can hire a special dispatcher service. It depends on you.
Number two is a safety and compliance manager. The trucking business is always about risks and that’s why the Federal government regulates it. You won`t work for a long time without a safety manager.This person will understand and work with all the regulations,follow the requirements and take care about the good reputation of your business.
Number three is a lawyer. Don’t be scared, to hire a lawyer-is just a good way to be on the safe side. I have told you that the trucking industry is always about risks and there are many people who sue a lot. You will feel more confident with a lawyer in case you ever find yourself in a bad spot.
Number four is a mechanic. It must be a real professional in your company. You know that vehicle repairs and breakdowns are a part of the business. But if you have a good mechanic in your team, he or she will help minimize these problems, check trucks before you buy them and play a key role in your trucking business.Number five is a Factoring company. If you are new in the trucking business-you will need it. A Factoring company will make you confident in your first deliveries. How does it work?You deliver a load and then a Factoring company pays your money within three days, for afee.
Number six is an insurance agent. No one is safe from accidents, that’s why you need aninsurance agent. It’s going to be in your best interest. Number seven is a driver, of course. You are not surprised, I know. You can be an owner-operator and do that work on your own or you can hire a driver.
Number eight is an account. It will show your records on your income, expenses, assets,liabilities and your equity. Of course all these indicators must be on the best level.All these positions make you confident inyour work and help to regulate its processes.
Yes,the trucking business is really responsible and includes many nuances, but if you really want to be a part of this-you got this. And our channel will help you! We have a lot of useful and important information about the trucking industry. So, subscribe to us and watch our videos.
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