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Should I repair or replace my truck

Any vehicle has a limited resource. Over time, the owner is faced with a dilemma: spend money to repair an old truck or buy a new one. The problem is not easy and cannot be solved in a day. Moreover, the situation in the freight transport sector due to the pandemic has become very difficult: 

These problems have led to higher prices for new and used trucks. This state of affairs makes the owner of the truck seriously think and make an informed decision. In this article, we will try to help those truck drivers who are faced with a difficult choice.

What to do: repair an old truck or buy a new one 

If you feel that your car often fails you, you need to take action. But before you make a final decision, you should give answers to several questions: 

  1. How much money can you invest in a truck in one month, if: 
  1. How much does the truck you drive cost you?
  2. Do you have enough money to upgrade your car? 
  3. Do you find it financially advantageous to work with a fleet that provides equipment?

What to look for if you decide to invest in the repair of your truck 

You are so used to your truck that you do not want to part with it. Even in this case, you need to soberly evaluate your decision to repair it. First of all, count the money you spend on one mile. If it comes out to about 13-14 cents, that’s a lot. The cost of new cars for such a distance is only 5 cents. 

Remember that in the coming months or years, the car may need major repairs. You may have to update the engine, put new brakes, replace expensive equipment.  

You know the condition of your car well. If you are sure that you are in for a lot of expenses, it is better to think about buying a new truck. Frequent maintenance of old equipment leads to disruptions in the timing of orders. So you can lose a lot of customers. In addition, driving an old car is very dangerous.

Think about whether you’re willing to invest in expensive repairs at the service and wait for the machine to be ready to go. If you understand the technique, you can save on repairs. But you have another good opportunity: to become partners of RTS b Southern Tire Mart. Here you will get good discounts. 

Note: When deciding on self-repair, pay special attention to safety and inspection issues.

What to look for when buying a new tractor Should I repair or replace my truck

It is difficult to decide on buying or renting a truck in our time. During the pandemic, there are delays of up to 14 months for OEMs by parts manufacturers. In these conditions, those who want to buy a new truck should ask themselves the following questions: 

  1. How authoritative is the dealer with whom you cooperate? 
  2. What are the guarantees? 
  3. Which is preferable for you: direct purchase, financing or leasing? 
  4. If you are satisfied with the financing, which option would you choose?

What to consider when buying a used truck 

With a used tractor, you can upgrade yours. However, prices for used machinery jumped sharply due to a shortage of trucks. In this regard, the owner of the car faces several questions: 

  1. Was the truck regularly serviced, are there records of repairs? 
  2. On what schedule was the oil changed? 
  3. Is a major renovation expected? (If the mileage is above 700,000 miles, you will need to upgrade the engine). 
  4. What is the tread condition of the tires? 
  5. How reputable is the dealer and what guarantees does it give? 
  6. Is the truck suitable for your cargo? 
  7. How high noise and emissions levels are compliant? 
  8. Are there fleets where you can buy the latest modifications? 
  9. Are you going to pay cash or use financing? 

If you need an investment in a truck, RTS is ready to provide financial support on the day of application. We are waiting for your suggestions.


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