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Hello, my name is Nancy and it`s Truck Dispatcher Training. I want to speak about Safety Audit. What is it? How can you prepare for it? What documents does it need? Let’s start!

The company must abide by the rules of the Federal Electronic Code and an inspector who checks company data will assess the company according to professionalism and knowledge of the safety manager. Safety Audit – it is an exam that shows safety manager`s skills and quality of work. 

Who takes care of a safety audit? I think that a company must always be ready for a safety audit. But if you aren’t sure, the safety manager has to review all documents and make sure that everything is okay. It also can check an external auditor and recommend ways to improve. 

What documents are needed? It depends on the type of audit, but usually an inspector focuses on the problems and makes a safety analysis. If a company has problems with transportation, an inspector will check all truck and trailer documents, their technical maintenance, registers of the company with information about vehicles, mechanic and his license and so on.

What happens if you don’t pass a safety audit? It depends on the violation. If it’s not too serious, the company will have a fine. But if it’s really serious it won’t end well. That’s why it’s very important to save the rating of the company, it will help to avoid the audit. How can you save it? Drivers must respect the traffic rules.

You also have asked me about “enter safe audit. I remind you that all companies must pass first audit in the first 18 month following registration. But what will do the company if it doesn’t pass the audit? There are some recommendations from the FMCSA and “correction action plan” what company must follow. The company can make this plan but it also must know U.S. law or turn to a company what have already created this plan before. If your company has this problem, you also can write to us.

That’s all for today! I hope the video was helpful. Subscribe to our channel and like it. See you soon, bye!

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