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Reefer Freight Rates


We hope that you’ve managed to read our previous post about the Market situation in 2022. Today we’re portraying a situation with Reefer Freight Loads.

So, we can see that the situation in summer with Reefer freight rates is averaging $3.04 per mile, the same as the June average. Reefer rates can be seen as the highest in the Midwest, averaging $3.16 per mile, and the lowest rates are in the Northeast, with an average of $2.61 per mile. These days national reefer capacity is at 7.31 loads to truck, compared to the June 26th average of 7.61 loads to truck. Current load-to-truck capacity shows reefer demand is highest in the Southeast states. The Pacific Northwest and the Northeast have the lowest load-to-truck ratios.

If you work as a truck dispatcher, you can do a research and analysis on your own. Everything you need is to get a subscription on a load board that has Market Rate feature analysis. Don’t miss a chance to find the best loads!

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