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OTR driver

Positions in Trucking business.

Hello🙌 You must have heard about company drivers and of course about owner operators. Today, we will observe an OTR driver.

These are company drivers, OTR stands for Over the Road. It refers to truck drivers hauling freight over long distances. They spend about 3-4 weeks at a time on the road. OTR drivers drive all across the United States and Canada. Those guys haul all types of items including heavy freight, machinery, construction materials, and other equipment.

You will like this job if you..

Like a 🆓 schedule. A driver can usually set their own personal schedule and make many of their own scheduling decisions.

Are paid on a per mileage rate for long distance driving.💵 The pay for long trips can be good with reliable trucking companies. Know your price.

🌍Visit different places each time. Route, final points, scenery, timings– all vary from day-to-day.

🕐Want to find a job anytime. Even when there are hard times, when economic conditions leave much to be desired, there are still lots of long-haul trucking jobs, which isn’t the case with many other professions.

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