MCS-150 - Truck Dispatcher Training


The MCS-150 was first used to apply for a USDOT number, but now it is solely used to update your company’s information every two years as part of the biennial update.

If you don’t update your MCS-150 form, your USDOT number will be deactivated and you could be faced with a 💰$1,000 fee per day up to 💰$10,000. Note: You will be charged this fee even if none of your business information has changed within the past two years.

🏢FMCSA strongly encourages applicants to use the electronic online application process since it has built-in edit checks and simple yes-and-no questions for easy, accurate completion. It is also significantly faster than applying by mail. The estimated time

to complete the form online is approximately 20 minutes.

💻 Option 1: Filing Online

o We encourage you to print all related form instructions prior to completing the online forms.

o To complete and submit application form(s), go to:

o Upon submission, a USDOT Number for the company is issued immediately, if the application is approved.

o FMCSA suggests that you record the USDOT Number that is assigned.

📬 Option 2: Filing Paper by Mail 

o Submit all required MCS and/or OP forms together.

o Once the application is completed, FMCSA suggests making a copy for the company’s files.

o Mailed applications, on average, take four to six weeks processing time.

o Notification of USDOT Number will be sent to the mailing address provided in items 8-11 of submitted MCS-150 or MCS-150B form.

o Mail completed application form(s) to:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration,1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, Room W65-206, Washington, DC 20590


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