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International and long-distance trade

International trade relations are expanding every year. In this regard, the number of carriers’ services is increasing. Today, several types of cargo transportation from one state to another are avaiable. All of them are used effectively. But the most common type of cargo delivery was and remains a car. This applies to America in particular.

Compared to other types of cargo transportation, road transport has a number of advantages:

Modern cargo delivery is mostly carried out by transport companies. This is a good opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain experience. Few can afford to start their own business without sufficient funds to buy cars and equipment.

Development of freight transportInternational and long-distance trade

In the United States of America, more than 70% of cargo is delivered by trucks. More than 7 million workers are employed here. This area continues to develop successfully. Demand begets supply. Truck manufacturers create new models of cars that meet all the requirements.

A trucker spends most of his life in his home on wheels. Therefore, modern trucks are equipped with everything necessary. They provide:

Interesting design solutions for their trucks are found by vehicle owners. The prestige of trucking is raised by festivals, where vehicle owners demonstrate the wonders of fiction.

Business organization

Despite the fact that the road transportation market in the United States is so extensive, there is no monopoly dominance of one or two companies in it. The vast majority of trucks are in the hands of private entrepreneurs. This becomes possible thanks to low loans, allowing to lease a truck, after a little experience of hiring.

Individual drivers are members of associations that provide training and counselling services to their customers. The most important function of such associations is the legal support of drivers. Such assistance is needed in cases where the federal authorities take measures that complicate the rules of doing business.

The truckers’ associations are struggling with problems that affect almost all carriers:

Drivers believe the new regulations are reducing their incomes.

How much do truckers earnInternational and long-distance trade

The United States Department of Employment calls the hourly payment of a trucker $21.5. That’s $44,750 a year. Approximately such amounts are indicated in advertisements by employers who invite truckers to work.

The earnings of truck drivers working for themselves are almost twice as much, although there are no official statistics on the income of the self-employed in the United States. It is estimated that such truckers earn an average of about $73,000 a year.

It seems that the simplicity of doing business and good earnings should attract young people. But that’s not happening.

The reason for the decline in the interest of young people in such a business, experts call a temporary crisis of consumer activity of citizens. This led to a reduction in cargo transportation. In addition, the increase in the cost of fuel and the concern of doctors and ecologists about environmental pollution from diesel engines play a role.

The number of truck drivers the industry needs is growing every year. The average age of truckers has exceeded 49 years. By comparison, the average age of all workers in the U.S. is roughly 42.

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