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How to become a box truck owner operator

Do you want to work as a box truck owner operator? It is a really lucrative idea to become an owner operator. That’s why in this post, we will explore what you need to start this career. 

So, what is a box truck owner operator? They are drivers who transport and delivery loads using box trucks that they lease or own. There are a lot of benefits of box trucks such as safe storage space for the freight inside the box, one-unit construction vehicle type, place for advertising on the sides of box trucks and you don’t need a CDL. Using a box truck you can haul non-perishable and dry goods.

The first thing owner operators need to do is get the driver’s license. Also, it isn’t enough just to buy or lease a box truck. They must know exactly how to use it. What will you do if your truck breaks down on the road? You must be able to make quick decisions in critical situations and solve problems. Trucking is a competitive business. Owner operators often fight for their loads. Be mentally prepared for this and know that all responsibility is on you.

Don’t be so quick to book loads. Before you start, you should study the market, do the calculations, and make sure you understand how to operate your vehicle. Let’s talk more about calculations. You have to know your rate per mile (RPM). It is how much money you will earn per mile on average. After that you should understand what to do to keep the business profitable. We advise you to hire an accountant and calculate all the operating costs, for example the insurance, repair, equipment and fuel. 

It is also a good idea to hire a lawyer. There are many nuances that depend on the laws. For this reason, you need at least to seek advice from a specialized lawyer. They can help to understand which loads you are able to haul legally. In addition to your truckload capacity limits and your box truck dimensions, you should know lengths, weights, and heights of your truck. All these facts will help you find good loads and negotiate rates.

You need to look for loads on load boards. There are several of the most popular ones such as DAT Edge, Direct Freight, 123LoadBoard, and TruckStop. Don`t forget to set correct search criteria and use an extended search inquiry. Also try to establish good relationships with brokers and shippers. Negotiation skills are one of the key success factors for box truck owner operators.

What do you think about task delegation? Many people have problems with this, but trust us, it will make your life easier. You should hire a dispatcher. They save owner operators from routine duties, for instance, they can look for loads, plan the route and even manage the paperwork flow. Your dispatcher is responsible for routine work while you can transport more loads and earn even more money. So yes, hiring a dispatcher is an additional cost, but it will save you time and energy, and you, in turn, will start earning more money.

The work of a box truck owner operator is really interesting and profitable. If you build the right workflow structure, hire an accountant and a dispatcher, consult a lawyer and follow the law, then very soon you will get your first profit. Thank you for reading this article! Good luck!

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