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How a driver should sit behind the wheel

Young drivers tend to make the same mistake. Their bodies are in a tense state, and the arms are bent at the elbows when they drive a car. This behaviour of the trucker behind the wheel indicates a high degree of nervous tension and uncertainty. This constrains the actions of the driver when making turns, braking and giving signals.

Before getting behind the wheel of a car, the driver must set himself up for a long journey:

How a driver should sit behind the wheel

    1. Do exercises to relax the muscles of the neck. Uninhibited vertebrae of the cervical region allow the trucker to easily turn his head and quickly respond to traffic situations;
    2. Relax your arms and body. This will allow you to spend a long time behind the wheel tirelessly.

A trucker should always monitor his health and physical fitness. The fate of many road users and the safety of the entrusted cargo largely depend on the condition of the trucker on the road. Do not drive if you are tired or want to sleep. Stop and rest for an hour or two.

Before you embark on the road, put your workplace in order. Make sure you see the front wing from the neighbour’s side. If not, raise the seat to increase the view.

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