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Get From A To B Point Safely And On Time With Pre-trip Inspection

Pre-trip inspection

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A pre-trip truck inspection is a necessary check of the truck and its major systems to keep safety on the road. Inspections need to occur before the start of a driver’s shift and at least once every 24 hours while on the road.

Truck pre-trip inspection needs to be performed by the driver who is on duty, but before he starts the driving.


The FMCSA demands the pre-trip inspection by the driver. Any damage must be found, acknowledged and lastly certified that everything is fixed by the time the driver starts moving.

Since the profession of a truck driver is very dangerous and there is the biggest number of crashes a lot of efforts are put into keeping the industry safer. A CDL pre-trip inspection helps to uncover potentially dangerous conditions. Maintenance. It is far less expensive to start repairing before the road rather than during the trip. Also, this helps you to stay in compliance. 


Every truck driver has to go through the pre-trip inspection when they are on duty but before driving starts.


At the beginning of a shift a truck driver has to perform an inspection at a place where the truck is. Your pre-trip inspection should always begin at the front of the vehicle. When checking under the hood, keep in mind that there are several components you will need to examine to perform a thorough evaluation of the truck’s engine compartment.


A pre-trip Inspection has to be done at least once every 24 hours, at the beginning of a driver’s shift when he is already on a duty but hasn’t started to move yet. 


A driver should start his inspection with finding out problems under the hood.Then, ensure the truck is not leaning. Also, make sure the cabin is safe. Check that the brakes are working properly. Later, look for flaws in the coupling system and finally look for defects in the trailer.

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