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Dispatching. Check list


Dispatchers have a lot of responsibilities. They deal with brokers and papers, drivers and scheduling, gathering and immediately updating information. Coordinate trip schedules, manage routes, and handle calls and requests from operators, third-party vendors, and their supervisors.  Well trained and experienced dispatch workers know how to behave at each stage of transportation, we would better say from the booking of a load.
All numbers go through dispatchers. Calculating transportation expenses: mileage, fuel use, repairs. A good dispatcher wins your interests. When a driver has difficulties caused by a broker’s mistake or wrong information, they know how to get a payback for you. Being multitasking is what can be first said about a dispatcher. That’s why education has to be chosen very attentively. There are many Truck Dispatcher courses nowadays but least of them provide mentorship and support. It is not always obvious what to do with knowledge that you have recently obtained, since the company gives a little feedback.
That is why it’s very important to find right dispatch service to cooperate with.


Cooperate with the right Dispatcher Service. You have to understand that a professional dispatcher makes the working process faster and safer. A person should obtain skills:

 -To organize
 -To define a priority
 -To be profitable
 -To be adaptable
 -To constantly improve negotiation
 -To be problem resolving
 -To accept a fact that making mistakes is okay


There are pros and cons to using a truck dispatch service. The main con is the cost. You’re giving someone else a significant part of your earnings for performing a function that you could hypothetically do on your own.
On the other hand, not having to worry about finding loads yourself can leave you free to spend more time on the road. That means you may end up delivering more loads and thus earning more than you would if you tried to self-dispatch without a quality system in place.


First, find a service that has experience in the same field as your company. You wouldn’t have your mechanic book loads for your truck, nor would you have a dispatcher overhaul your equipment. Ask them questions about what they specialize in and to give you comparable figures as an example. If you cannot find a dispatch service that has experience in your specific field, use your common sense. Some may have enough knowledge to succeed in areas they are not familiar with.


While all independent services are different, the main purpose is the same. Choosing the right company is extremely important. The quality of your dispatcher should be a top priority to ensure that your company thrives in this competitive industry. Having a poor dispatch department can ultimately result in your business failing. It is imperative to choose this part of your team very wisely.


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