CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - Truck Dispatcher Training


Every single person who is into the trucking industry knows how big is its role in freight transportation.
Chicago has been the center of US manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation. Endless products travel through Chicago, almost every major manufacturer has warehouses there, and for the most part, every large business is looking to Chicago for expansion.

It’s a love of US logistics. Central location makes movement fast and reliable.

Waterways are still exceptionally important because the Port of Chicago remains among the most valuable inland seaports in the world.

It has a large interstate system. 

O’Hare International airport. It is a hub for United Airlines and American Airlines. Construction is underway for a major expansion. This airport is statistically one of the busiest in the United States.

Major industries: manufacturing, printing, publishing, insurance, transportation, financial trading & services, and food processing.

Food products, chemicals, fabricated metals, computer and electronic products, and rubber products are produced in Illinois.

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