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About Hiring and Retaining Drivers: 6 Tips for Fleet Owners

Every employee wants to be valued and respected in their team. Truck drivers are no exception. This article talks about 6 important rules on how to retain good employees and hire new ones.

Staff turnover is a problem even for large companies. Truck fleets consider it a top priority because they lose more than $4,500 in profits if even one driver is missing. In order to minimize the number of layoffs, you need to pay attention to the following points. 

Paying Extra for Good WorkAbout Hiring and Retaining Drivers: 6 Tips for Fleet Owners

If you want employees who work hard and improve the firm’s efficiency, why not institute a system of extra pay? Many have had success with this strategy. Many fleet owners issue bonuses to their drivers if they manage to save fuel within 6 months. This boosts employee motivation and increases company profits in the long run.

New Ways to Pay

Most firms pay drivers by the mile. According to ATA statistics, the amount of these payments has been at the same level for the past few years. Younger companies are trying to attract employees with new payment methods. Some offer hourly payments, others introduce incentives for experience, and others pay drivers for each load operation. This way, the driver won’t be in a hurry to drive a mile in the shortest amount of time, but will pay more attention to the road. Transportation safety increases significantly, and with it, so does your bottom line.

Benefit Shaping

More and more companies are shifting the cost of health insurance to their drivers. As a result, regular medical exams take a percentage out of employees’ paychecks. By taking on these costs, you can attract new drivers and reduce the number of those who are laid off. This is especially true for younger employees who don’t have health problems.

Other benefits can be generated, such as introducing additional sick and vacation time. Such a schedule will attract workers who have families. 

Thus, the entrepreneur needs to know the characteristics of his staff and prioritize.

Introducing employeesAbout Hiring and Retaining Drivers: 6 Tips for Fleet Owners

To make drivers feel at home, you need to introduce them to the entire staff. Large organizations develop an entire system for new employees. Newcomers are introduced to each member of the community and directly to their supervisor. This approach increases driver loyalty.

Every employee is the best

There is talk among drivers about scary firms that force subordinates to work overtime and show no respect. There’s no need to turn into such organizations. Why not form a cohesive team?

The entrepreneur needs to communicate regularly with employees, introduce a system of rewards to make everyone feel comfortable. If the driver has any difficulties, you should take an interest. Perhaps the organizer is in a position to resolve them. For example, some companies introduce extra rest days for employees after 3,000 miles on the road.

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