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Truck Dispatcher Training

An original logistics course that will provide you with the essential tools and cases for understanding clearly how to conduct a full-fledged business in the USA and Canada.
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This a unique course that includes numerous profits for a student: we’ve structured 75 themed lessons for your comfortable studying; there is a hands-on experience to test your understanding of real cases; you will also need to pass a test.
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Truck Dispatcher Profession
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Power Only
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Sea Transportation
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Dry Van
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Air Transportation
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Box Truck
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Hot Shots
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Car Haulers
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This industry never stops. We were able to see that when almost the whole world was frozen because of the pandemic, goods needed to be delivered in any case. There are always good specialists in demand, who can plan, coordinate, and be responsible for high-quality transportation. Although there is a certain shortage in the US, there are greater financial opportunities for those who decide to grow and build a business in logistics.

Its range is nearly 12 trillion annually in the US and third-party logistics is in Canada with total industry costs reaching 147.9 billion U.S. dollars.

About the Truck Dispatcher profession
The lack of Truck Dispatcher specialists in the US
The American Truck Transportation Market is the largest in the world. $800 billion/year, nearly 100 000 companies, 3.5 million drivers and about 700 000 dispatchers. The market constantly demands new drivers, as well as new dispatchers.
Vacant positions in the USA
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Remote vacancies
Date Posted
Posted 1 day ago
SYSCO, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Experience 1 Year
Full-time $32k - $55k
Posted 1 day ago
SYSCO, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Experience 1 Year
Full-time $32k - $55k
Posted 1 day ago
SYSCO, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Experience 1 Year
Full-time $32k - $55k
Posted 1 day ago
SYSCO, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Experience 1 Year
Full-time $32k - $55k
Posted 1 day ago
SYSCO, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Experience 1 Year
Full-time $32k - $55k
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SYSCO, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Full-time $32k - $55k
Jul 15, 2024
  • Expirience 1 year
  • Driving Distance Local
  • Entity type CARRIER
  • MC Number MC-1099735
  • DOT Number 977473
  • Cargo Carried Fresh Produce Meat Chemicals Refrigerated Food Paper Products
  • Drivers 124
  • Power Units 119
  • Safety Rating 124
  • Operation Classification Auth. For Hire Private(Property)
  • Carrier Operation Interstate
Job Description

experience and other individualized factors JOB SUMMARY Dispatches delivery drivers and provides driver and customer support. Arranges... coordinate the issue of equipment to drivers, such as hand trucks, dollies, and blankets. Other project

Training process
Training process

Our Truck Dispatcher Training contains 15 Modules with more than 70 lessons and 1-2 live lessons every week. Lessons are available in the form of videos in three languages - English, Russian and Spanish. You can choose any language that is comfortable for your training. Training time is individual. You can train daily or once a week. It’s up to you to decide! Access to all materials is unlimited.

You can ask questions to your mentor if something is not understandable. You have one month of support covered by our mentor during all of your studies. You can also extend it if you need.

Sign up and get access to all module lessons and mentoring support if you are ready to get a new and interesting profession. It’s our goal and your success.

Training process
Training process

If you are ready to become a professional after getting access to our lessons, attending live webinars, and communicating with your mentor, then test your knowledge with practical tasks. You will perform practical tasks to consolidate your theoretical knowledge.

You’ll have tests after each module. You test your knowledge in your account. Choose the right answer to test questions and automatically you’ll be shown the right one. You can’t visit the next module until you answer all the questions right. If you answer all questions right you’ll automatically get access to the next module.

We wish you good luck during your testing!

Training process
Training process

You can take your exam in the guidance for the practical task, by opening the TEST menu in your account and submenu Start Test.

The test for Dispatcher lasts for 30 minutes. You should answer 100 questions, specifying the correct statement - 1, 2, or 3. Then you click on Check and get the right answer.

If you are ready to get a certificate you must:

  1. E-mail us about passing a test.
  2. Title your e-mail (TEST).
  3. Write your first name and surname (in English).
  4. Indicate the result of the passed test.

After checking your test, within 5-7 days, you will receive a certificate by e-mail. Every student who passes the exam successfully gets a Certificate, which is issued by us. Download it into your account or ask your manager to send it by e-mail to continue your achievements. After that, you can start working in your new profession.

Training process
Training process

Not only engaging videos, but one practical task is waiting for you too. It’s in a form of applicable knowledge. You’ll get all the necessary skills for your future profession performing it.

You’ll perform your practical task with our Dispatcher via Zoom meeting. Ask questions, and call brokers under the guidance of our Dispatcher!

The practical task is organized according to your request. For example, it could be questioning on documentation or load board. You can plan individually the time and date of your lesson with our Dispatcher.

You practice with our help for your successful passing of the exam after completing your course. We give you a good opportunity to combine lectures with practice, which we’ll be helpful in your future profession as a Dispatcher.

Training process
Training process

Truck Dispatcher Training is a permanently growing company that takes one of the leading positions as an educational channel on YouTube. We've been teaching, consulting, and providing services since 2018. Our 2500+ students cherish our support, approach to each person, and informative lessons, and are thankful that we lead them till they can get a job. Our company is responsible for making them professionals whose skills will make profits for an employer and themselves.

With help of career development and resume formation recommendations, you start a new successful career. Thus, make the first steps with us, get your certificate after completing our course, and start your career with our help.

Training process
Training process

To create this type of business you do not need an appropriate education. And there are no requirements to register a company to provide truck dispatcher services. But there are a couple of reasons that you should consider registering your company such as image and marketing, tax advantages, liability protection, and partnership factor. It’s very easy and quite inexpensive to register a company online and we’ll help you with all these questions. It’s up to you to decide whether to register your company or not. You can also consult with your accountant or financial adviser if this makes sense for you to form a company.

All the necessary information you will receive in this course, from the creation of the company to attract customers and the mechanics of work. We do all possible for a successful start to your future career.

Training process
Training process

Forming good relationships with the company’s sales and estimating team will bring you successful growth of your company. You can spend more time training employees and planning. You can train abilities of interpersonal communication, technical proficiency, and attention to detail in your dispatchers.

They must understand such factors as the cost of transportation, truck driving times, truck availability, etc. in advance. With the help of our course you'll learn how to work effectively, and avoid mistakes. This will save you money.

Develop a successful truck dispatcher company with us!

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Complete Tasks
According to the learned material under the guidance of a mentor
Take Exam
After that, you can start working in your new profession
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Job Search
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Open Business
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12 years
Michael King
Designed and introduced the Truck Dispatcher Training course, using his personal experience of employment and training as a dispatcher in the US.
Michael King
Michael King
Michael King
Designed and introduced the Truck Dispatcher Training course, using his personal experience of employment and training as a dispatcher in the US.
Jennifer Aniston
Tania Green
Sales Manager. Tania’s responsibilities are to set sales goals, analyze data, and develop our training program.
Matt LeBlanc
Dan Droho
Dan is responsible for writing and creating the technical part of our course. Нe specializes in security, mobile, and Web development of the course.
Courteney Cox
Anne Thomas
Safety Manager. Anne provides appropriate safety and health, accident prevention, and investigation training for managers and supervisors.
Matthew Perry
Alex Walkman
Dispatch Department Manager. He is responsible for recruiting and dismissing staff, establishing strategic departmental goals and managing a departmental budget.
Jennifer Aniston
Sherri Dunbar
Video Editor. Sherri makes changes to our videos and works to achieve the best final video outcome.
Courteney Cox
Gabriella Chidera
Mentor Gabriella guides you through the training by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. Her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee.
Jennifer Aniston
Kristine Michaels
Truck Dispatcher Kristine coordinates and manages the schedules of truck drivers to ensure products and goods are picked up and delivered in a timely manner.
Courteney Cox
Nancy Nwabia
Sales Support Nancy helps our sales representatives focus on actually selling and closing deals.
Course program
15 modules

"When we created this course, our goal was to help everyone find their way to success. It is important for us to convey the theory to the audience in such a way that it is understandable. But in addition, an important part of the course is practical tasks and communication with the real dispatcher. We invite you to change your routine and start doing something really interesting and profitable. "

Choose the right industry

In this lesson, you will learn about the main criteria that you should pay attention to while choosing a profession. We’re going to compare them to our dispatching profession. So you will figure out what job is the best for you and meets all your work requirements.

Course Structure

You will see what we are going to learn for the next three weeks. We have prepared for you a detailed lesson plan consisting of 15 modules. Each module contains a maximum of useful theoretical information and practical tasks. After completing successfully this course, getting a certificate, and becoming a professional dispatcher, we advise you to be very careful, take the necessary notes and not be afraid to ask your mentor questions.

5 Main Rules Of A Professional Dispatcher

Sometimes even the most experienced dispatcher can forget about elementary things. In this lesson, we have highlighted the basic rules that will lead you to success. Listen carefully to this video, and you will never make mistakes that can have unexpected consequences.

Nota Bene

One of the main skills that a professional dispatcher should have is the ability to set and achieve weekly and monthly goals. Difficult situations are often possible in your work. To prepare you for this, we’re going to provide some case studies from our own experience. In addition, every week you will be able to communicate with the working dispatcher and get first-hand information. Marketing lessons are an important and necessary inclusion, thanks to which you will learn how to sell your services. You definitely need to master such skills as multitasking, stress resistance, effective Time Management, and good communication. The desire to learn and continuous self-improvement is an advantage in this profession and will bring financial benefits.

What is Logistics

This lesson will introduce you to Logistics and why it makes our life easier. We are going to analyze how it differs from the supply chain and how they are related to each other. Logistics, like all other areas, has its own goals and functions. So we will see what they are and how they help to meet our needs. And of course, you will find a flow of documentation that is involved in the logistics process.

How it works/ Participants

The main goal of this information is to explain how the trucking industry works. You will learn about who the participants are in this process and what their responsibilities are. It becomes clear how they differ from each other and how they interact. You will have a closer look at the inner process of the carrier company. If you decide to work in this area we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of the trucking business.

Who we are: Carrier

In this lesson, we’re going to talk about one of the players in the trucking industry. You will get full information about motor carriers and the features of their work. They are divided according to what or who is transported, the range, for what needs they are created, and so on. How can different expenses have a critical impact on the future work of the company? What main tasks does the carrier have? As well we’re going to simulate the situation and imagine what will happen to the country if the trucks stop driving. At the same time, you will see the great history of American carriers and their influence on the formation of prices in the market.

Freight Broker

Freight broker is one of the important participants in the whole trucking business working scheme. What role does he play in the relationship between the Shipper and the carrier? Why would the concept of Double Brokering not work in our world when a Co-Brokering transaction is absolutely legal and very popular? What is the difference between 3PL and Freight Forwarder? And what ways to find cargo or a carrier do they use? You can find answers to all these questions in today's lesson. In addition, you will discover useful information on how to become a broker and how much you may earn in this role.

CDL Driver

The CDL driver is a person that is at the forefront of the entire process. He is always in a potential danger zone, and it depends on him whether the company will earn money. In this lesson, you will learn about what kind of license he needs. What knowledge and skills does it requires to drive a truck? We will tell you in detail about 3 CDL classes that define the types of vehicles that are allowed to be driven. It will be interesting to know how much a driver earns and what factors affect this amount.

Who`s the Boss?!

Using the example of one delivered cargo, we will look at how trucking works. Let's see how the cargo moves from the shipper to the broker. What actions does the broker take, and what difficulties does he face in the process of finding a suitable carrier? Next, we will tell you how the order gets to the trucking company and study the stages of the dispatcher's work. In the example of the same cargo, we will make an approximate calculation of the income of the dispatcher. You will learn the role of factoring in this process and how to prevent errors in processing documents, which can be not only unprofitable but also disastrous for the company.

Factoring and Insurance

You will discover what factoring is and what role it plays in the financial flows of trucking companies. We are going to explain what types of factoring exist and how these organizations remain profitable even if someone refuses to pay the bill. Moreover, this lesson will introduce you to the types of insurance and policies that are required for the broker.

Safety Rating

The work of the entire transport company is directly affected by Safety Rating indicators. The Compliance, Safety, and Accountability program is implemented to hold MC owners, including private truck owners, accountable for their role in ensuring road safety. This lesson will tell you in detail about what kind of program it is and what consequences a bad rating can have for both the carrier itself and the dispatcher in particular. We will describe in detail all the categories of this rating and tell you exactly why you can get unwanted points. The FMCSA's pre-employment screening program, which contains a track record of drivers' reputations is very important in trucking company work. You will learn how to use it to create a positive rating for your company or correct it if it deteriorates. The dispatcher must always think wider, anticipating events and avoiding problems before they arise. So we're going to tell you what exactly needs to be done every day in order to prevent failed inspections and guarantee the best conditions for strengthening the MC image.

Professional Dispatcher Skills

A dispatcher is a person who is in daily contact with drivers, agents, brokers, and representatives of various insurance companies. Building strong business relationships with partners depends on his ability to conduct telephone conversations and correspondence by email, rationally manage his own time and get productive results. In addition, you need to know with whom you can negotiate. What details you should pay attention to in order to avoid financial mistakes? Also, you will get information about the dispatcher's time management and quality service.

Dispatchers: Independent Dispatcher Office/ Remote Dispatcher Office

This lesson will tell you about where you can place the dispatcher's office. In work, you will need certain equipment and special programs. It is worth paying special attention to the email name selection and the voice message on your cell phone's auto-response. Particular attention should be paid to your office if you are the dispatcher of your own truck.


In this lesson, we’re going to talk about the work of the dispatcher with e-mail. You will learn about what settings you need to make to your account, what to indicate in the signature of the letter, and how to keep in touch during the weekend, vacation, or sick leave. Moreover, we will tell you what to do if your interlocutors prefer different platforms for communication and how templates will help make the dispatcher's life easier.

How to start a transport business in the USA

Knowledge about the area in which you are going to build your own business is absolutely fundamental. But the right understanding of how to open and start a business also plays a huge role in your success. That's why we created this lesson ""How to start the transport business in the USA"".

How to register a company (LLC)

We turn to the issue of registration of LLC, simply put, in this lesson we learn how to register a company or corporation. This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to do this. To make the registration process even easier to understand, we go through it with you, therefore our instructions are so detailed.

All-in-one or One-man army

In this lesson, we’re going to discuss a situation when a carrier company is small or it’s just opened. You will see the duties and responsibilities difference between dispatchers in a big company and a small new one. We're going to see an example when the dispatcher is busy doing different tasks except for finding cargo.

Types of trucks

In this lesson, you will learn about all types of trucks and more importantly, learn how to choose the right truck. The course is structured the way a future dispatcher will be able to operate trucks of the highest demand. We've made up several lessons to explain to you the nuances of working with a specific trailer, what loads are actual for this type, and what kind of equipment you have to put in your vehicle.

Trailer - Dry Vans

In this lesson, you are going to know all the specific information about such vehicles as Dry Van. You have definitely heard about it before, but in our video, you are going to know all that you need to be confident in working with it. Its volumes, relevance, needed permits, and so on.

Trailer - Reefers

We continue to study types of equipment. Next is Reefer. Why is it popular? What can be transported there? How can it be useful in summer or winter? Listen carefully to this lesson, since this type of trailer is very popular and flexible to work with. In this lesson, you are going to know all the specific information about such vehicles as Dry Van. You have definitely heard about it before, but in our video, you are going to know all that you need to be confident in working with it. Its volumes, relevance, needed permits, and so on.

Trailer - Flatbed and Others

In this lesson, you will know about popular truck companies, and their pros and cons. Also, we will carefully study the carrying capacity of the flatbed and its other types. And of course, we are going to speak about the difference between them.

What is best to start for Junior Dispatcher

This lesson will tell you which equipment is best for a beginning truck dispatcher and what advantages over other vans it has. We’re going learn the difference between the work of dispatchers with reefers, flatbeds, and dry vans. In the end, you will understand what gear you have to choose to prepare yourself to work with any type of equipment.

Hot Shots

This lesson is going to improve your understanding of the trucking industry because you will know about Hot Shot trucking. What trucks in this way of transportation are needed? Which requirements are for these trucks? Everything about Hot Shot trucking is in this lesson!

ELD Mandate

ELD is an important point in planning a route, and predicting the timings of a driver`s arrival. This lesson contains information about the features of an electronic device. We explain every single concern anyone could ever have. Study about the electronic logging device.

US States MAP: areas, zone, and Timezone

USA map is a good example of a lesson that contains information about platforms where a dispatcher can learn fast things like States, and their location; Capitals, and regions. Let us explain to you the importance of learning Abbreviations, and where a dispatcher uses them. Let us present to you goods that are imported and exported in or from States. We gathered numbers that speak better than any words. You have to see them.

Interstate System

For success in your business, you should definitely watch this lesson. You will know about the unique structure of Highways across the country and how it can help you in your work. We also describe here different types of road junctions. And the most important thing in this lesson is the numeration of interstate highways and the milepost numbering system.


In the lesson 'Tolls' we explain what toll roads are, what routes have many of them, and what ways of payment are. Watch to find out what application will help you to avoid toll roads and save your money.

How to fill in a set-up package

This lesson is about the setup package and all its components. In the video, we tell you in which case to fill it out and how exactly to do it. This lesson is a step-by-step instruction with explanations and descriptions of each click.

What is Rate Confirmation?

When you work with the transportation of cargo, you have to always remain attentive and responsible. In this case, a document that calls the Rate Confirmation also helps you. It is issued by a broker and contains all the necessary information about the cargo. In this lesson, you will get acquainted with an example of such a document, learn how to fill it out and what you should pay attention to.

What is Bill of Lading

We're going to talk about the Bill Of Lading proof of delivery. As an example, we will consider one of these documents. What information is indicated there, what needs to be controlled by the dispatcher, who, where, and for what must sign, and how responsible is for this?

US Trucking Industry Terminology

In this lesson, you will learn the terminology that will help you dive into the world of trucking faster. As a dispatcher, you will easily operate with these names and quickly enter the mainstream of work.

Cargo Booking Procedure

Filling out the paperwork takes a really long time. And it should be filled in qualitatively and without errors. We have prepared a lesson for you with a step-by-step description of the order in which documentation is used when booking cargo.

Load Boards: What is best

You already know about the type of trucks and how to fill out the documentation. Then we can safely proceed to the next step - Load Boards. Do you know that there are a very large number of them? In this lesson, we will find out what are the differences, and advantages and how to choose the one that will help you successfully start your business.

Dat Power Instructions

In the last video, we have already talked about DAT Power and its benefits, but in this lesson, we are providing you with detailed instructions on how to use this load board. Knowing how to use one load board will make it easier to navigate how to use the others. And of course, in this lesson, we are going to give a little more information about load boards.

How to book a load

You already know that the DAT Power load board is one of the most popular and commonly used. In this lesson, we clearly show how to use this board and of course how to find loads here.

Conversation with a broker

Conversation with brokers is a lesson that allows you to feel how you are going to communicate with brokers. It contains information on how a dispatcher can achieve his goals with the help of negotiation skills. We're telling you what information should be given to a broker, and how to end a call by staying polite when you're not satisfied with payment.

Final Check with the broker

When you checked the information from the broker, of course, you got some kind of result, positive or negative. If everything is ok, then ok. But what if there are inconsistencies? In this lesson, we’re going to tell you how best to contact a broker for comments and what consequences you need to be prepared for.

After dispatch processing

In this lesson, we are going to talk about the documents that the driver must send you at stations and why it is important for you, as a dispatcher, to receive each of them on time. We will discuss additional requests and services that a broker may demand or that a driver may need. You will find out who pays for them and when and what documents are needed for this.


The theme of Cancellation is very actual nowadays. We put information about common and specific reasons for cancellation, and who cancels loads the most: a broker, a carrier company, or even a shipper. This lesson shows the coincidence of cancellation, discovering information, and being ready for every turn in your dispatcher's career.

Weekly report and reporting system

How can a carrier company understand whether a driver is profitable or not? It can be simply done with a Weekly report that a dispatcher does permanently. Numbers of mileage, fuel, deadhead miles, dollars per mile, etc. We explain everything in this lesson.

After you book a load/Stages from truck destination to Pick and Delivery

After you book a load/Stages from truck destination to Pick and Delivery Now you know exactly how to book cargo and what to do before booking. But what's next? After you have made sure that the broker is reliable and has completed all the necessary documents, the fun begins! What should be reported to the broker? What to learn from a broker so that the driver doesn't have problems? We want to talk about all of this in this lesson.

What Market Is

The market is a place where the interests of shippers, brokers, dispatchers, and MC owners collide. We’re going to talk about what expectations these players have and what scenarios affect the approval of the shipping price. In addition, you will learn what a dispatcher needs to know and how to act when he enters into a financial relationship with a broker.

Area Rating and Analysis

Here we describe the structure of the market, how the analysis works, what zip zones are, and why you need to know about them. One more important thing from this lesson is filters that will help you more qualitatively study the areas where the driver goes for the cargo. For a better understanding of the topic, we have prepared many examples.

TRI or On-Spot vs Contracts. Building the plan

The lesson is full of terms and new knowledge. Get ready to promote your level of professionalism for a few steps up after carefully watching the video! We are going to take up strategy for the market and find out what the OnSpot-Market platform is and why loads here are the most desirable. After this lesson, you also will start monitoring the truckload contact rates and making plans on the Spot-Market.

Loads vs Trucks ratio

In this lesson, we are going to talk about the important part of market analysis and discuss the truck and load ratios difference. We will look at working with two platforms that will help you conduct the data of rates research in their time periods. You’re going to know what the Market Conditions Index is and how drivers’ preferences of directions can help you to get a desirable price. You will learn to find out hot points in each area of the market and the condition of PU and Delivery points.

Rate Change History

We continue to improve our skills to become the best dispatcher. This lesson is about rates and why you should check them. And the most important thing - after watching this video you will know how to find out the real sums that clients pay brokers on average.

A closer view at the Market

In these final lessons, you get additional information that will accelerate your path to professionalism and help you in your work. This video is about how to build lanes and check the best directions. You will also expand your knowledge of terminology and learn about the most popular logistics hubs.

A Load

To feel comfortable in the field of logistics, you should know the terminology. Such knowledge will help you better understand brokers and drivers, as well as show you the level of professionalism and save you from embarrassing situations. This is exactly what awaits you in this lesson. But that's not all. Also in this video, you will learn what you should pay attention to when choosing a load and how the load is related to the state.


In this lesson you`re going to understand why truck drivers are the most professional and the safest drivers on the road. We`re considering what dispatchers have to plan, how planning helps to improve the quality of work and how to get the best loads. Do you want to learn the secret of reducing competition while you look for loads? All these facts are waiting for you in the video!

Meeting new driver

Company driver and owner operator. How are they fundamentally different from each other? What are the conditions of their work with carrier companies? What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning your own truck? And what does hiring an owner-operator mean for a carrier company? You will find answers to all these questions in this lesson.

Checklist for the Driver

Driver's checklist contains various advice on how to set the working process, what documents are needed, and what should a driver send to a dispatcher. This can't be missed.

Presenting the Plan and each load

After this lesson, you will understand why the process of finding a load isn't as easy as it seems and how much it shows your level of experience. We will also explain some of the main qualities of a dispatcher who knows his or her job and remind you of the main conditions for the growth of the business.

How to work with a driver. Conversation with Driver

We'll consider the methods of working with two types of drivers. You will learn how to properly communicate with the company driver: present him with information in the right form to receive loads that are profitable for the company. More independent owner-operators require a deeper analysis of their preferences and a thorough approach to the joint selection of the load. We’re going to share with you cases and communication methods that are taken from our dispatcher's reports.

Negotiation Techniques and Skills

Negotiation and Questions module is created to teach dispatchers to recognize manipulations that can be reached with the right sentences. Also, our students will be able to feel confident when discussing hot issues with partners. Our manager is speaking about special language techniques, types of questions, what are their roles and when they are suitable. This lesson opens for you an idea of getting a compromise for both sides. Come and get a ready plan for your successful cooperation


Who likes to get involved in conflicts? Probably no one, especially when it's work conflicts. But still, they happen. In this lesson, we provide rules that will help to avoid conflicts, we will also analyze with whom exactly intense conversation can occur and what to do if it isn't possible to avoid conflict.

Penalties for loading/unloading

We couldn't help but include a lesson on fines in our course. Also, we are going to speak about cases that involve compensation or an additional charge. For a better understanding of the topic, we have added real-life examples.

Force Majeure in Dispatchers Job

With this lesson, we want to show that you shouldn`t be afraid of force majeure situations. On the contrary, they have to be foreseen, taken into account, and prepared for them. Mistakes, breakdowns, accidents, and other force majeures happen in all companies. Because this is the road and you aren't able to know everything that may happen on the way. Watch this video to be ready for anything!

Taxes and travel permits in the USA

Taxes are always paid and in order not to get a fine, this point should be carefully studied. The lesson includes all the information about taxes, their payment, how this process can be simplified, and the nuances of some states.

Looking for truck drivers in 2022

In this lesson, we are talking about hiring new drivers. We'll discuss the challenges the industry faced during the pandemic and the impact carriers are still facing. You will learn which sites are best to look for new drivers and how social networking can help you in this difficult task. In addition, you will receive real feedback on the features of working as a driver and how they affect the emergence of new drivers.


Truck business insurance is a way to take care of the safety of your life and money. After this lesson, you will know how to find an insurance company in your state and what data you will need to provide at the first stage, and also when the insurance agent will contact you directly. You will gain knowledge about what components insurance consists of and, most importantly, what specifically affects its cost.

Alcohol-Drug test

In this lesson, we will talk about a procedure that neither your company nor the driver can avoid. Namely, testing for alcohol and drugs. You will find out which clinic is better to contact and what conditions of cooperation it has. Moreover, we will speak about two types of tests. We’re going to tell you who should register the driver for the test and how the test date is chosen.

DOT Inspection

The topic of DOT inspection is quite popular, and, most likely, many people know about this, but it's better to repeat the information again than to miss something. The frequency of inspections, their purpose, the difference between levels of inspection, how to pass the test successfully, and the consequences of failing the inspection - all of these are in detail in our lesson.

Driver Search

We have prepared for you the lesson in checklist form about the driver search algorithm. There we are speaking about the characteristics of a good driver. Offer you special sites for finding a driver and how correctly to find out whether the driver really meets the necessary criteria.


We will tell you about another bureaucratic operation that needs to be done after you get the MC and DOT. MC activation, the BIOS 3 form the difference in concluding an insurance contract if you have your own truck or work with an operator - all this you will learn in this lesson. As well you will be introduced to the Unified Carrier Registration.


Factoring is a way for truckers to get paid much faster for their services while the factoring company handles the processing and collection of invoice payments. In exchange for this service, the truck driver pays a small percentage of the amount he owes the factoring company. So we’re going to consider this process in the example of cooperation with the factoring company RTS. You will find out what data you need to specify and what additional documents you have to attach to the contract. It is very important to understand how exactly factoring can be useful specifically for your trucking company.

IFTA Calculation

Since you already know what IFTA is and why you need it, we have prepared a bonus lesson on how to calculate it. What should be done before paying, how to make a calculation, and pay taxes correctly? Cases of overpayment and what must be done and saved after the end of the entire procedure.

How To Register DOT / MC number

Returning to the registration process, we couldn't miss the lesson about DOT and MC numbers. Most likely, you have already noticed more than one time that these numbers play an important role in registration, documentation, booking, and, in general, all work. That's why we provide you with a video that shows you in detail how to register them.

What is IP telephony?

Advertising your business is an integral part of your path to success. That's why we are going to start this module by talking about what IP telephony is. We will explain how to set it up and what equipment you need.

SMS Marketing

In this lesson, we analyze the benefits of mass texting. You are going to understand how to create it so that it doesn`t get into spam or trash, on the contrary, SMS mailing can become the auxiliary tool that can influence client desire to work with you.

Facebook marketing

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most famous ways to promote. This lesson is a real find because all successful companies use Facebook for their growth. In this tutorial, we will explain step by step where you need to click to install a post for advertising.

Advertising Google Adwords

The video highlights the main points for setting up the right advertising on Google Adwords. You should be prepared for the fact that advertising will work for your business only if you know your primary objective at the moment. We also talk about it in the lesson.

Advertising Google Adwords for video ( YouTube )

We don't stop at Google advertising only by using photos! You can also engage customers with videos. The final lesson on the topic of ads will be about promoting through YouTube videos!

Truck Dispatcher Training
Pool of expertise
Most popular truck dispatcher training
Most popular truck dispatcher training
For 1 year over 1500+ students finished our training program
Team`s course
Team`s course
Based on 9+ years of experience in Logistic and Dispatching which was become available to signup from 2018
Run and Developing Logistic Company under your name
Run and Developing Logistic Company under your name
Based on over 30+ developing logistic companies we optional helping to start your business as independent owner operator / independent truck dispatcher
Build your career
Build your career
After you finished the training program and passed the exam. The option becomes available how to build your career (create a CV, find the first Employer, find your first owner-operator, and work as an independent dispatcher with option our partnership until your ready to do your own)
Each Student will get access to live support of Mentor in a personal cabinet for one month and the option continue with a monthly subscription
Full course
You will get access for all lessons and support with personal mentor
Live lessons every week

Weekly live Stream (How Dispatches do his job - with explanation different subject every week)

One month covered by our Dispatcher- Mentor (with option extend if case you need it) Online support during course our goal your success

Fee of full training program:
About the Truck Dispatcher profession
This course is designed for those who are just starting their journey in the field of truck dispatching. Participants will gain essential knowledge and skills needed for effective management of transportation flows, learn technical aspects of truck operation, and grasp the fundamentals of interacting with drivers.

The course includes practical exercises and scenarios for real-world problem-solving.
Course includes:
  • 7 Modules
  • 36 Lessons
  • Detailed Guidebook
  • Online Support/ Online Maintenance
  • Recorded Videos
  • Digital Certification
About the Truck Dispatcher profession
This is a comprehensive training program that combines the basics and advanced aspects of truck dispatching. Participants will have access to in-depth knowledge about logistics process optimization, fleet management strategies, and high-tech tools for solving transportation tasks

The comprehensive course also includes individual mentoring and internship opportunities for practical application of acquired knowledge.
Course includes:
  • 15 Modules
  • 70 Lessons
  • Detailed Guidebook
  • Online Support/ Online Maintenance
  • Recorded Videos
  • Digital Certification
  • Real time Support
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Live Webinars
  • One to One mentorship
About the Truck Dispatcher profession
For those seeking to expand their knowledge and delve deeper into the aspects of truck dispatching, the advanced course is offered. Participants will study route optimization strategies, enhance their communication skills with drivers, and learn to effectively handle emergency situations.

This course also includes interactive simulations and case studies for a more profound understanding of the profession.
Course includes:
  • 15 Modules
  • 70 Lessons
  • Detailed Guidebook
  • Online Support/ Online Maintenance
  • Recorded Videos
  • Digital Certification
  • Real time Support
More about programs
Your resume after training
Job: Dispatch Manager
Average monthly salary:

Professional skills:

  • Facility Check. Confirming Broker Dispatch Information over Receiver Facility and Shipper
  • Negotiating for the best rates for the load of interest with brokers on Coyote, TQL, Jbhunt360, CH Robinson
  • Scheduling drivers to make freight deliveries or collect shipments and packages.
  • Skills of identifying best zones for loading with the use of Truckstop RateMate, DAT Hot Markets
  • Communicating with customers about freight details, delivery or pickup times, and special handling requests.
  • Planning pre-determined routes and accommodating route changes as needed.
  • Finding the best load offers on Truckstop, DAT Board, and other platforms
  • Preparing dispatch documents, as well as generating freight bills and invoices.
  • Maintaining records of dispatched calls, driver routes, route changes, as well as delivery and pickup times.
  • Checking the Rating of a broker using RTS Pro - Factoring Check and others
  • Knowledge of DOT regulation standards. Keeping track of transportation regulations and laws to ensure that truck drivers comply.

    Dispatcher / logistics company
    Example №1
    You are a wife or relative of a trucker and you want to help your family save and make money…
    Example №2
    At the moment, you yourself are working as a truck driver and are friends with a computer…
    Example №3
    Let's say. You work for a company as a dispatcher. You have a salary + bonuses from the transaction…
    Example №4
    You are an independent dispatcher and work independently…
    Dry Van Dispatcher
    Dry Van Dispatcher

    You are a wife or relative of a trucker and you want to help your family save and make money.

    For each flight, you will be able to save 10 percent or more in the budget.

    It makes no sense to give money to other companies if you can keep them in the family.

    Dry Van Dispatcher
    Dry Van Dispatcher

    At the moment, you yourself are working as a truck driver and are friends with a computer.

    It will be even easier for you to find the freight and agree on the price of freight, since you yourself can choose the route, the number of days in transit and, of course, agree on the payment for your work that suits you.

    As a result, you will not need to pay 10-12% of the transaction of the control company.

    Dry Van Dispatcher
    Dry Van Dispatcher

    Let's say. You work for a company as a dispatcher. You have a salary + bonuses from the transaction.

    Salary is $ 1000 per week and 2.5% - 3.5% of the gross income of the five truckers you serve.

    You helped five truckers to earn $ 32,000 on average = $ 160,000 turnover per month.

    Your salary this month will be:

    $ 1000 X 4 weeks = $ 4,000 plus $ 160,000 X 4.0% = $ 6,400 ..... TOTAL = $ 10,400

    Dry Van Dispatcher
    Dry Van Dispatcher

    You are an independent dispatcher and work independently.

    You helped a trucker find freight from Kentucky to Texas for $ 2,500. It took you to search for cargo and paperwork for 2 hours.

    For this job, the dispatcher receives an average of 10% of the amount = $ 250, or if you want to work practically for free, then 5% = $ 125.

    When a broker settles with a truck driver, the dispatcher will receive his commission from the full amount of the transaction.

    Your monthly salary for this option:

    5 truckers who earned an average of $ 32,000 per month = $ 160,000

    You get 5-10% from $ 160,000 = $ 8000 - $ 16,000 per month

    Minus advertising costs $ 1,000- $ 2,000 in the first month

    Frequently asked questions
    This is a unique logistics course that will provide you with all the necessary tools and cases for understanding clearly how to conduct a full-fledged business in the USA.

    To do this, you do not need to have any experience, because we will provide you with all the necessary information in our freight and dispatch business training program.

    You will also get a full-fledged business organization scheme, which has helped many of the businesses we have started to earn high profits.

    This course will give you the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of income. After the training, you will receive a certificate that shows you have completed the course and are ready for work.

    Within just one month after completing the course, you can easily establish yourself in the transport business.

    In addition, you will receive a manual with all the secrets and chips of the control room.

    We will reveal to you all the secrets of the truck
    business about which no expert in the USA will tell you.

    We developed this training course initially for our employees' internal training. Yet this course is also one of the most comprehensive training programs, for the training of potential dispatchers.

    This course is filled with valuable information that will help you avoid mistakes at the beginning of your trucking business and also help you save time and money. Note that errors in the trucking business cost tens of thousands of dollars.

    Learn from our mistakes and our experience!

    Thus, you can save your money and time.

    In what form will I receive the materials?

    You get a link and create your password. On this page, you can view the course content, all available lessons, and updates. These training materials will be available at any time.

    Why you need Truck Dispatcher Training?

    Full course You will get access for all lessons and support with personal mentor

    15 Themed Modules

    75 Lessons

    • Weekly live Stream (How Dispatches do his job - with explanation different subject every week)
    • One month covered by our Dispatcher
    • Mentor (with option extend if case you need it)
    • Online support during course our goal your success

    The full course takes about 2-3 weeks to complete

    Fee of full training program: $775

    • for those who want to have high salaries and grow in their careers
    • and also those who want to work from anywhere in the world
    • those who want to try themselves in a new interesting direction
    • for those who want to work in an area that is not affected by the pandemic
    How does the dispatcher earn?

    An experienced dispatcher, as a rule, can load from 5 to 8 trucks simultaneously, and the mathematics, in this case, looks like this:

    For example, you have 5 trucks that you load. Each of them must earn from $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 monthly.

    If the trucker does not earn at least $ 1,000 a day “gross”, that is, income before taxes and all expenses (repairs, insurance, fuel, food, etc.), then earnings will not be enough for him.

    Dispatcher charge 3-7%, so for example Dispatcher charge 5% from Gross of 30K it`s comes $1,500 from one truck monthly! Therefore 5 Trucks will generate for Dispatcher $7,500!

    Most importantly, the dispatcher receives a commission on the entire amount of gross income!

    Additional costs trucker you do not care, because you are always in the black, even if it works in the minus.

    Is there competition among freight dispatchers?

    The US freight market is very developed. There is competition, at the same time there is a very high demand for good dispatchers.

    Can I study with a partner?

    Yes, you have this opportunity. When registering for the training, you will have the opportunity to buy an additional certificate for $200.

    Can I combine the main work and engage in logistics?

    Yes, of course. You can work wherever you have access to the Internet and the ability to answer phone calls.

    Can I count on your support? Can I ask questions?

    Yes, we will answer all your questions and will support you throughout your way.

    I do not have the appropriate education, can I
    create my own business?

    To create this type of business you do not need an appropriate education. All the necessary information you will receive in this course, from the creation of the company to attract customers and the mechanics of work.

    What is the average salary of a truck dispatcher in the US and Canada?

    Understandably that your wage depends on the State and the company you work in. A truck dispatcher can receive salaries based on the level of seniority. Your income will depend on your experience and the number of trucks you can handle. You can become an independent dispatcher and increase your income to 6 figures.

    What language is this course in?

    The course is released in English, Russian and Spanish. However, as a truck dispatcher, you need to speak English during your work.

    How long does the training take?

    Training time is individual. You can train daily or once a week. It’s up to you to decide! Access to all materials is unlimited

    How do I get a certificate of completion?

    Every student who passes the exam successfully gets a Certificate, which is issued by us. You can download it to your account or ask your manager to send it by email.

    Am I able to access courses on a mobile or tablet?

    Yes! You can get access to training, using desktop and mobile versions.

    What browsers does our course support?

    Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox are fully supported but it is important to ensure you have the latest version to avoid performance issues.

    How to get a course?

    You can pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), by eCheck, or via PayPal. After payment, you will receive your login and password to enter your account. The course will be available there.

    Why do you need Truck Dispatcher Training?

    If you want to become independent, work remotely, or start your own business, you can save time and learn from experts. We'll share with you our own experience.

    Why Choose Truck Dispatcher Training?

    This is an original logistics course. Its essential tools and cases are designed for a clear understanding of how to conduct a full-fledged business in the USA. It will allow you to get a substantial amount of income right after the completion of the training.

    How to get started?

    You can register on the website by selecting the SIGN UP NOW button.

    How to log in?

    You can log in in the top-right corner of our site and enter your username or email address as well as a password, then click the sign-in button.

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