🆕How To Become A Dispatcher? Where To Start As A Truck Dispatcher From Home? - Truck Dispatcher Training

🆕How To Become A Dispatcher? Where To Start As A Truck Dispatcher From Home?

So, you have passed the training on how to dispatch trucks and now you are figuring out what to do next? Where to start, who to call, what load board to use?

No worries, we are going to figure this out in our today video. After watching you will know where to start as a Truck Dispatcher and your next moves.

Starting your Dispatching career can be divided into 4 logical parts:


Choose and register your business name. To do this it’s very important to create a right business name. You can use acronyms, foreign words, your first/last name, pick a word from a dictionary. And DON’T FORGET to add some KEYWORDS. They are really important. The keywords can be the following: Dispatching, Dispatch, Freight Dispatch, Truck Dispatch, etc.
So, when a carrier or an owner operator is looking for dispatchers they will know for sure that YOUR company provides dispatching services, because you have added the keyword in your name.

Once you have created your Business name, now you have to register it in your country/state.

And you will get your TAX number – in the USA it’s called EIN, but it can be different in your country. It’s not a problem though! It’s totally fine as long as you follow the rules in your country.

Create your business contract. When you are contacting carriers, you need to set up an agreement.
Congratulations: The first STAGE is completed!

Let’s move to the next stage.


Once you register your business you can start thinking about your online presentation. 

You need to register your DOMAIN name that can coincide with your business name. So it will be easy for everyone to find you online.

The next is that you have to create a Facebook page.

And of course the most powerful will be your company website. 

On the website you need to have the services you provide. Don’t forget to include various services besides dispatching, like backend  office support, broker search, market research , anything!
Create a sales process.

How you present your services is really important. It can be like this: 


As you are going to be a dispatcher – you will be finding loads. And the loads can be found on LOAD BOARDS.

So, you should understand that this is a very important and needed step. It’s a part of your business.

Load board subscriptions are pretty expensive, so I would recommend you to try a 30 Day Trial period from DAT Power.

So, you can experience a user interface, tools, that DAT Power has before subscription.

You can also try free load boards, but the paid ones will provide you with more than just load searching.


Let’s face it. Marketing IS IMPORTANT. You need to let the world know that you exist! Because even if you are the best professional in your sphere, without marketing no one will find out about it. 

You can use IP telephonie, Email marketing, Google ADS, DAT Directory, Factoring Companies, ANYTHING that will promote you and your BUSINESS.

That’s basically it! So, 4 STAGES you need to go through at the beginning:

The advantages of owning a dispatching business

Transportation and brokering services can bring a lot of financial profit to the entrepreneur. For small transport firms to be more successful, there are dispatch companies for freight transport, and the cooperation of dispatch offices brings additional benefits for both. What knowledge is needed to become a trucking dispatcher.

A trucking operator should have the following knowledge and skills:

  1. Knowledge of computer and application programs. To be an operator, you need to be able to use Microsoft Excel. This is a prerequisite because this program is used to make graphs, calculations and prepare all detailed documentation.
  2. Marketing and communication techniques. An employee is constantly in contact with people of different categories. Therefore, the speech must be competent and clear. It is necessary to master various communication techniques to find a common language with different people.
  3. Time management. Employees of a trucking firm should be in touch with drivers and customers 24 hours a day. Operators usually work in shifts, so you need to be able to plan your time and always be ready to leave outside business hours.
  4. Knowledge of the geographical peculiarities of the regions. It is important to know well the geography and peculiarities of different regions: transportation in different states and not only. The logistician’s job includes calculation of possible difficulties, analysis of climatic conditions, quality of roads on which the cargo will be transported.

Dispatcher Salary

The trucking operator always earns money as his services are either prepaid or he gets a percentage of the booked amount. But unlike other transactors, the dispatcher does not need to invest a lot to start a dispatching business.

Interesting information for those who want to become a dispatcher for truck drivers. Basically, a trucking operator invests his skills and time, so anyone who speaks English, has basic computer skills and a good internet connection can become a dispatcher for truck drivers. On average, one trucking operator can handle 3-5 tractors at a time. Each truck can bring the trucking operator an income of about $1000 per month. So if you drive 3 to 5 trucks you can earn $3000 to $5000 per month.

Course Description

In our dispatch courses, you will learn the basic concepts and principles of the American trucking industry. This will give you an overview of dispatching and help you get to grips with all the aspects that are found in the profession.

What you will learn:

  1. Trac business. Participants.
  2. Trailer types: Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed.
  3. How to choose a load.
  4. How to get a truck dispatcher licence.
  5. How to get started as a trucking operator from home.
  6. Strategy – what is it and what is it for. Examples of strategies.
  7. How to understand how much to ask for cargo. How and when to ask for more.
  8. Which states are better not to go to, or how much to go for to stay in profit? What to do if the driver is stuck (no suitable loads).
  9. Script of the call.
  10. The specifics of writing emails.
  11. Main sources of freight – load boards (DAT, CH Robinson, JB Hunt, TQL).
  12. Product types (commodity) and which ones to avoid. Protect from freezing.

Courses help everyone who wants to become a professional trucking operator. The courses are especially helpful for people transitioning from another profession.

You will also learn how to solve all sorts of problems in loading, unloading, and transit. You will also get clear advice on what to do in case of detention, layover, and lumper fee. A bonus is a free lecture on the working aspects of dispatch (working hours and after-hour).

The course provides a broad overview of specific cargoes, those that are loaded on the floor, or products that need to be re-counted. Also provided are lists of states where different kinds of permits are needed, all available reasons to cancel a load, which can be used in practice. The bonus part of the course includes free lectures on the skills a dispatcher needs, salary, and what questions to ask in an interview.

Good luck to you!


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