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Practical lessons
Truck Dispatcher Training offers an additional course. If you're interested in becoming an Intermodal Dispatcher, one of the first things to consider is education.
Introductory Intermodal Dispatcher Training video

Demand for Intermodal Dispatchers in the labor market

Intermodal dispatchers in America earn an average salary of $88,236 per year or $45,9 per hour. We offer you to view the selection of vacancies from Truck Dispatcher Training.
Average intermodal dispatcher salary
Intermodal Jobs in the USA area

Course program includes

What does the course consist of?
In this lesson you will learn about such topics:
  • What does the course consist of?
  • How much does the company earn from one driver per month.
  • Dispatcher Responsibilities.
  • What is import, export and straight turn?
General information about containers.
This lesson contains information about types and sizes of containers.
You’ll find out how carriers move them due to the Import and Export conditions.
We’ll share information on how to keep and move them wisely.
Types of ports on the example of New York and New Jersey.
The third lesson is about types of ports.
Find out where you can return a container.
We observe the work of an Intermodal dispatcher on the example of NY and NJ ports.
Import, Export and Straight Return.
Here a student learns about working both with Import and Export.
How a dispatcher plans a container movement for loading or unloading.
Learn about the process of Straight Return.
Unknown words always become an obstacle in studying a new field. The fifth lesson contains all definitions and explanations to new terms.
Dispatcher Documents.
We share a list of documents that an Intermodal dispatcher works with.
You’re going to see templates and we will explain how to fill them in.
Return of containers.
Movement of containers is rather confusing and demands practice but we’ve prepared a good lesson for you to sort out things. Learn the conditions of returning containers back.
Stages of container chartering.
Follow the stages we’ve fully described in this lesson about chartering of containers.
Container types.
Meet the detailed information about containers and you’ll have an understanding of the types you’d better work with.
Types of Trailers and their rent.
Form a whole picture about Trailers that are used in Intermodal transportation. Read about rent conditions and their prices.
Maintaining the turnover document. Profit Tools.
Learning a dispatcher’s software which is called Profit Tools. Explaining and showing how to maintain the turnover document.
Business Correspondence.
Improving negotiating skills is very important due to the aim of growing business. Study this lesson of business correspondence, how to form sentences, what techniques are the best to use when dealing with your potential partner.
Data processing, entry into the system, billing.
Systemize data: numbers of loads, container numbers, and more. In this lesson you have an opportunity to learn how to process data, enter a working system and how the whole billing procedure is done.
Who can work with ports?
We want to clear up an issue of intermodal transportation and who actually can work with ports. We describe a suitable partner for the Steamship line company.
The work of Fred Forwarder.
Fulfill your understanding with knowledge of occupation in a trucking business. It’s important to know about the responsibilities of a certain profession. Learn about a Freight Forwarder in the 15th lesson.
Rates that companies set when working with ports.
Get to know about conditions that influence prices. Learn how these rates are basically formed according to the cooperation with ports.
Dispatcher's working day.
We invite you to feel an atmosphere of a typical intermodal dispatcher’s day. In this lesson you’ll see how all the previous lessons work in real life. What timings are when you plan an Export and Import trip. Find out about life hacks in communication with your clients and many more in the lesson.
Theory without practice is nothing, that’s why we prepared practical tasks to test and challenge your understanding of the whole material. Prove yourself that you are ready to start your Intermodal career! These tasks are based on real cases that dispatchers might face. Try solutions before you start working. We believe in you.

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