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Toll Violation

When a motorist proceeds through a toll booth without making a full payment a red light will display and a toll violation will be recorded. The most common sources of toll violations include:
-Non-payment or under-payment of toll
-Expired or inoperable E-ZPass transponder
-Leaving the toll lane before full payment has been registered by the system
-Using a transponder that is not recognized by the E-ZPass system

Missed paying a toll?
Drivers who are unable to pay a toll while driving have up to six days to pay a violation proactively online.

Received a Toll Violation Notice?
If you receive a Toll Violation Notice and feel it was issued in error, review the instructions provided on the Toll Violation Notice on how to dispute the notice.
If you did not make full payment, were in the wrong lane or could not pay the toll, contact the Customer Service Center. Why is the speed limit low in the E-ZPass lanes? The posted speed limits are set to ensure the safety of the public and the toll facility workers. Do motorcycles have to pay tolls? Motorcycles are not exempt from toll fees. They are required to pay the posted tolls: $1.50 at the ramps, $3.25 at the Main Toll Plaza. We’ve answered some questions in case you didn’t know that. Take care!


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