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Regional drivers

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Hey, we’d like to talk about Regional drivers today.
What are the working nuances??
What are the difficulties??
How much can you earn if you work as a regional driver??
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Regional trucking refers to the part of the country a driver moves goods and materials. Typically, it’s broken up into divisions like Northeast, and Midwest and usually within a 1,000 mile radius. With OTR and regional trucking, the format is mostly the same – you are out driving for a set amount of time, then, depending on your company’s policy, home for a certain number of days. Regional trucking days usually coincide with weekends which is a main appeal for this type of route over OTR. Regional drivers might also have a dedicated route which consists of making regular deliveries to the same clients.

❓What are the pros❔
The company can easily keep track of all the drivers, communicate with them and ensure efficiency in the system.
The truck driver operates within a small region of the state, he or she may be able to come home at the end of the workday or every weekend.

❓What are the cons❔
Long and long hours on the road without even a coffee break because they have a mission to deliver a load and get back at the same exact day to pick up another one.
Salary is slightly less than the average salary of an OTR driver. Drivers who drive across the country get more money.