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Keep Inspecting Your Truck!

In today’s post we’re speaking about important inspections such as headlights, turn signals, brakes, and parking lights.

Let’s go!

Why does checking your lights save everyones’ lives?

Once in a month, when you are parking in front of a flat surface, learn if your headlights are working properly. You can visually inspect both turn signals and your parking lights. Don’t be afraid of asking somebody for help, safety is far more important! A person should stand behind the car while you engage the brakes to be certain that your brake lights are functional. Remember that when you have problems with your lights you can cause an accident involving others!

Also, we wanted to mention that you are to inspect the tire pressure and tread depth. Often badly-maintained tires become a reason for a dangerous situation, though it may look visually okay, you have to pay additional attention to it until it’s safe. You must care about this issue every single month. Moreover, before a long trip drivers check the pressure too. Enrich your knowledge by taking into account a thing, that in colder months tire pressure drops one pound with every 10 degree decrease in pressure. At that time, your tread depth may be inspected with a simple penny method. 

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