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How to choose a truck

Many motorists change cars like gloves. Choosing a truck requires a more responsible approach from a person. First of all, he must ask himself the most important question: why do I need a truck? Based on the fact that, how much and what kind of cargo you are going to transport on it, the main selection criterion will depend.

Types of trucksHow to choose a truck

Some trucks are designed to transport goods within the city, others are manufactured for delivery over long distances. According to the carrying capacity, they are divided into three types:

  1. Low-tonnage.

Such vehicles are designed to deliver goods up to 3 tons. They carry furniture, food, some types of building materials. Most often, small trucks or minibuses are used for these purposes. Trucks can be of open or closed type.

  1. Medium-tonnage.

This category includes cars designed for 5-10 tons. Their body volume should not be less than 35 m3.

  1. Large-tonnage.

Such trucks are capable of carrying goods over 10 tons. The cargo compartment of such a vehicle may exceed 80 m3 in volume.

Attention should be paid to the feather-light vehicles used in delivery services. They are mostly in the shape of a van.

Selection criteria

To buy a suitable vehicle, you need to consider many important criteria:

Truck inspectionHow to choose a truck

Buying a used car is always fraught with risk. Not every owner will tell about all the shortcomings of the truck. You may be sold a car with twisted speedometer readings. To find out details about the car, please contact the service, which will determine:

Such a check before buying a used car will minimize the risks.

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