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How do insurance company save money-27

Hello, my name is Nancy and it`s Truck Dispatcher Training. Today I am going to tell you a real case about an insurance company that refused to pay the total cost.

A driver was in the parking lot. He was resting, he didn’t move and at this moment, a truck crashed into him. The accident was fixed on DVR. The company that owned the truck wanted to solve the problem only through their insurance agent. The company, which was hit in turn, decided to file the claim with all documents, videos, photos and the estimate (it’s like a repair bill). Their truck was practically new and damage was severe, that’s why it was worth 7000$. The company also sent the estimate to the insurance agent. He answered two weeks later. They assessed the value of damage in 3500$ and they also provided an auto repair shop. The company didn’t like this answer, it wanted the full amount and the repair in

the authorized service. The negotiations were carried out for months and all this time the company paid for its own insurance, leasing, and its truck also didn’t work. So the company lost a lot of money. At the end the company got 5000$ and added 2000$. The moral of the story: there are no general rules in this segment and it affects the human factor and the proofs but you still can’t be sure that you will have the full amount.

What can you do in such a situation? I think it can’t be solved. Maybe you can go to court, but it will cost a lot of money and drag on for years. The court isn’t always the best way. In addition it’s important to choose a recommended insurance company. If you can`t handle this, your insurance company will help to file the claim. In this way the claim helps protect the rights.

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