HOW CAN A TRUCK DRIVER PROTECT FROM $LOSS ? Step by Step instruction to prevent making mistakes - Truck Dispatcher Training

HOW CAN A TRUCK DRIVER PROTECT FROM $LOSS ? Step by Step instruction to prevent making mistakes


Instructions for drivers and dispatchers

Hello, my name is Taylor and it is Truck Dispatcher Training. We have a bad situation with the broker. He made the charge back because the truck hadn’t been prepared by all the necessary conditions. And we don’t have enough proof that it’s not our fault. Today I am going to tell you what happened and how to protect yourself from such cases.

We had a shipment from California to Wisconsin – 8 pallets. The shipper put the seal, gave all the documents and after that driver sent check in and check out with BOL to the dispatcher. Dispatcher looked at the documents and there weren’t any problems. But we didn’t know how many pallets were loaded. Eventually, it turned out to be 4 pallets. In rate confirmation, we had 8 pallets, and on BOL we had the number of boxes, not pallets, so we couldn’t check it. And there is my conclusions:

You have to write the instructions for drivers and dispatchers. Everyone must know his or her own responsibilities. You shouldn’t wait when problems with a broker will happen, write the instructions right now.  

There are drivers` responsibilities: 

That’s all about a driver. But what  responsibilities does a dispatcher have?

That’s all for today. If you follow this instruction, you will be a step closer to saving your money. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. And if you have any questions or you want to work with us – write in the comments. See you again.–H1_M

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