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From Healthy Lifestyle To Healthy Business

Watching some YouTubers, who are truck drivers, makes me think of those days when my partner and I had our own transportation company. You know, creating a company starts not only when you obtain all the documents but when you are inspired by an idea. Once, when we discussed how our company should have looked, and remember to clearly outline that I was for HEALTHY business in all its meanings. 

You know that a truck driver’s wage is somehow a compensation for their patience and hard work, and skills for sure. Have you ever thought about how it’s actually destroying health? 

Unless you haven’t done this yet, please read this post till the end!

The first thing, which is a great tip for all, is to eat clean. For instance, if you are stopping to fuel up, prefer to buy some tasty nuts, or any fruits. Better take a salad than a hot dog. Don’t forget about your cheat meals sometimes. Rarely sometimes 😉

Don’t forget about things that make you happy. Your favorite music, call your family, send and receive pictures, enjoy beautiful scenery. 

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