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Fake broker -26


Hello, my name is Nancy and it`s Truck Dispatcher Training. This video is about fake brokers. There are people who don’t pay for work.

So, it is easy to check if a broker doesn’t pay. You can do it on a “Factoring platform”. And there also are brokers who found a way to get around the platform. In this video I am going to tell you how they do it and how you can protect yourself.

How do brokers get around the platform?
If you like an owner, a dispatcher or a driver post a truck and after that you have a call from a broker – there is a high risk of being deceived.

I am going to tell you a real case! So, a dispatcher had posted a truck and of course a broker had called. A broker said that he has a cargo worth 7000 $. A dispatcher booked it and then about 10 minutes later she or he got a rate confirmation from Landstar broker (it’s a famous broker). A dispatcher checked it and there weren’t any problems. The driver did a good job and delivered the cargo within two days. After that, a load was sent to the factoring for the invoicing. Then two weeks later the owner of the company got a massage from the Factoring. It said that the Landstar broker didn’t have the load like that and the rate confirmation was fake.

So what details indicated that this was a fake? Firstly the email with rate confirmation wasn’t from Landstar, it was from gmail domen. Secondly phone numbers used in rate confirmation didn’t work. It was impossible to call a broker.

Then the company found the real broker with that load. But the broker didn’t want to pay the company because the broker knew another carrier who had delivered the load. There was only one way to prove that the company had delivered the cargo. It had to show the proof of delivery, I mean physical POD. Fake carrier had only a photo of this document. Then the company sent the paper about the delivery in the broker office and finally it received the payment.

If you don’t finally understand, the fake broker didn’t even have a broker MC. He had booked the cargo like a carrier and then he had resold the same cargo like a Landstar broker.Then a fake broker forged the rate confirmation and sent the cargo.

What conclusions can you draw?

  1. You should be careful when you have a call on the posted truck.
  2. Don`t forget to check broker MC
  3. In addition check the email of the rate confirmation (if it’s gmail you should beware)
  4. Call the broker from the rate confirmation to the general line and also ask about the load with that data

That’s all for today! I hope this video was helpful for you. Subscribe to our channel and like this video.

See you soon, bye!


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