Do this to prevent $ LOSSES of the trucking - Tell new Truck Drivers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! - Truck Dispatcher Training

Do this to prevent $ LOSSES of the trucking – Tell new Truck Drivers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


it’s Taylor from Truck Dispatcher Training company. In this video, we are going to speak about the seal. In addition, we will answer:

Why do we need a seal and how important is it?
Who is responsible for the seal: a dispatcher, a driver or a shipper?
What actions are right?
How can we save money and our time?
How can it affect the future?

Also I want to talk about real cases which happened to me when I was working as a dispatcher.
So, we had a shipment from Illinois to Minnesota, but the shipper hadn’t put the seal. At that time I had never asked drivers for a photo of a seal and I hadn’t warned them that the seal was important. When we arrived at the place, the receiver didn’t want to unload the truck without the seal. In the end it turned out that the shipper had put a seal and we had had the seal number in BOL, but no one hadn’t given it to the driver. So we had to drive about 1000 miles for free, and we couldn’t prove that we hadn’t had the seal initially. This incident wasn’t the last. And if it happened to you, it would have been a really big waste of time and money.
That’s why I want to give you some tips and instructions on the subject.

First option – if you are an owner of a company.
1. You should indicate in the treaty that the driver must have a seal and make sure it’s fixed after each load (by the way seals are for sale at all truck stops and it costs 10-20 $ one pack for 20-50 pieces)

Second option – if you are a driver.
1. Don’t be lazy and buy it in your truck – this purchase will save you 1000 $.
2. Take a photo of the seal, send it to a dispatcher and write the seal number in BOL before you leave a shipper. It’s really easy.

Finally I have an instruction for you in the worst case – if you don’t have a seal in a truck and a shipper doesn’t give it too.
1. You have to tell a dispatcher about this. Then a dispatcher should say to a broker and get confirmation that you can drive without a seal.
2. And in spite of confirmation it would be better to buy a seal at the next truck stop and take a photo for a dispatcher.

At the end of the video I want to say that we are going to shoot a series of videos with new advices for drivers, owners of companies and dispatchers. So stay tuned for new videos and subscribe to our YT channel. If you enjoyed the video – please put a like. And if you have any questions – write in the comments down below.
See you soon!

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