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A lowboy truck and trailer

A lowboy truck and trailer is a kind of specialized hauling rig. A lowboy trailer is a kind of flatbed trailer. It differs from a regular flatbed trailer because it sits very low to the ground, which allows loads too tall for a standard flatbed. Lowboy trucks and trailers are extremely useful when hauling machinery and equipment. You’ve likely seen lowboy trailers on the road hauling construction equipment. They are especially useful semi trailers with drop deck double-level systems. The double drop deck allows large items to be loaded on and off with ease. A standard 2-axle lowboy can haul 40,000 lbs. If you increase the number of axles, you can increase the weight limit. You can legally haul up to 80,000 lbs in most states with the right number of axles.

Here are some of the dimensions of a lowboy trailer:

Please, always check your security. No matter if there is enough equipment, put some extra ones. And it is not the end for a flatbed truck driver, raincoat or other water proof clothes have to be with you, loading and unloading goods that might be wet and muddy.

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